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I haven’t read this yet, but I’ve read enough of Patrick’s blog to know that this book is going to be good. If you have the chance and a few dollars in your pocket, you should check it out.

Patrick W. O'Bryon

On the virtual bookstore shelves at last…CORRIDOR OF DARKNESS, a Novel of Nazi Germany, now available on both and as a trade paperback. Coming soon to other on-line outlets such as Barnes & Noble, as well.

Three years in the writing, offering 362 pages of intrigue and espionage, all from a guy who knows so little about using Microsoft Word that this proves miracles can happen.finalfrontThe eBook Kindle edition will follow in a day or so, delayed by a technical error. (That also means me.) I’ll announce its arrival soon.

Meanwhile, for those of you who treasure and look and feel of a solid paperback, please take a look at:

and then enter Patrick O’Bryon or Corridor of Darkness at the search prompt, or visit, which takes you directly to the book.      rear coverI hope you enjoy reading it–thank you for supporting me…

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