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It’s That Time of Year

No … not Christmas time.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Time!!!!!


An Update On The Irrepairable Past

Thirty-five purchases, and the reviews are starting.


And here’s the link on Amazon.

Keeping Track of Things

So, one of the Republican Congressmen questioned Lt. Col. Vindman about an apparent job offer he got from the Ukraine. The job offer he rejected and reported to his superiors. Apparently, the question was an attempt to damage Vindman’s credibility.

I’m curious when that Republican will question Giuliani and President Trump about Giuliani’s numerous contracts with Ukrainians and hundreds of thousands of dollars he makes each year from those contracts, while serving as Trump’s shadow Secretary of State dealing with, among other things, the Ukraine.

Seems to me if Trump was really worried about corruption, he might start there. Or at a minimum, include it in his ask. Right?


The Irrepairable Past is Live

From my writing blog

Or just go here (only for the Kindle now, paperback soon):


A Potential Cover — An Update

After getting some good feedback, I’ve made a few changes to the cover. A different font for the title and I moved it a tad to get that line in the water in between the words. I ditched the pale pink of the frame and of “a novella” and did a few things with my name.  I also changed the contrast the light to make the colors just a tad brighter than the original more washed out version.

So …


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