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A Sunday Walk/Random Music Thoughts

There’s this thing I do most Sunday mornings that drives me crazy.  It’s called … absolutely nothing.  There was a time when my Sunday mornings were built around a run, particularly when I was working towards a half marathon.  Sundays were for those long runs.  I had intricately mapped out runs through the neighborhood that could be expanded or shrunk depending on the needed length — up to ten or eleven miles.

Then  my groin intervened and Sundays became a whole lot of nothing.  Yes, I start to get laundry done.  But, ultimately … here’s what Sunday mornings have been like for far too long.  Get up, read the newspaper, surf the internet … for far too long, while telling myself to shut it down and just write for an hour or two.  Write.  Not blog.  Write.   (Yes, Beaver, there is a difference.)

At some point, I shower and get dressed and make the drive to the neighborhood grocery store to get what I need for the day’s dinner.  Drive back.  And wonder why I don’t walk instead.  It’s just short of two miles from my kingdom to the grocery store.  Typically, I’m not buying a week’s worth of groceries.  Why not walk?  Why walk?

The last few weeks have seen a renewed level of energy.  I’ve started walking every afternoon during the week, even when the ol’ groin was tight — for all of the wrong reasons.  With it staying lighter later, I’m committed to starting short evening bike rides during the week and longer rides on weekends.  But, is that enough?  No.

I walked to the grocery store today to get what I needed for pizza tonight.  Here’s the proof:


I live in this odd place.  Tract home after tract home.  All, so blah.  But scattered randomly are these little patches of green.  Yeah, this is the community’s commitment to green, to the environment, to “sustainable growth.”  No, not really, but every once in a while I’ll take it.  This beautiful tree in the middle of suburban sprawl.

I learned a lesson on my walk … next time take a backpack for my groceries.  Lugging two plastic bags full of meats and cheeses, bananas and other odds and ends can make the ol’ shoulders tired.

[Edited to Add:  I forgot the most important part of this little experiment.  It was about finding a way to avoid using gas.  It was about finding a way to put a little more effort into what I needed.  It was about resisting the urge to do what so many of us do — there’s the car, let’s drive to a place we can walk to.  Because, well, if I plan on living minimally at some point in the future, better get started now.]

While I walked I had my IPhone and was listening to my Spotify starred list.  About halfway back, this song came on and I hit rewind as it finished so I could hear it over and over until I got home.  Yes, I’ve posted a few videos of this guy already, but I have one more today.  The Tallest Man on Earth is one of those artists who never disappoints.  With Spotify, I have access to his whole catalog.  Every song is as good as the last.  There isn’t a one that disappoints.  And, this song, just sounds … so … damn … incredible.

Which leads to my other Spotify lesson for the day.  Like Pandora, you can do “radio stations” on Spotify, built around particular artists … type in Queen and you get a radio station that plays songs by artists similar to Queen.  Plus, when you pay $10 a month, you are able to create playlists.  “Star” a song and it goes on your playlist.  What I learned today was that I could listen to a “radio station” built around my starred playlist, meaning all of the artists I like, not just one.  Wow.  Whoda thunk it possible?

Wait a sec, what’s that?  A Rolling Stone song coming through on Spotify?  Gotta get rid of that.  What?  Another one?  AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The most over-rated band in the history of music is on my Spotify.  Get gone!!

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