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And More News

I agreed wholeheartedly with Colin Kaepernick’s stance on whether he should have to stand during the National Anthem.  I thought he handled it very well.  He didn’t draw attention to himself — he actually sat during the national anthem for three games before anybody noticed.  Once he got attention, he spoke with a couple of veterans about how he could continue his protest while demonstrating his support for the military, our soldiers, and our veterans.  As his effort has gone on, he has shown growth and got better at expressing himself.  And he has put his money behind his effort.

But he’s lost me here.  Only about 50% of eligible Americans voted in this year’s Presidential election.  I get it on some level.  I didn’t like any of my choices and I didn’t vote for any of the listed candidates.  I wrote in a name.  And some day I may reveal who I wrote in as an explanation for my absolute disgust at what the main parties gave me.  But I voted for every office and every measure on the ballot, as I have in every election since I turned 18.

I consider there to be three main pillars of good citizenship — voting, serving on a jury, and raising good kids.  (For those of you who don’t have kids, substitute in “being a part of the village that raises good kids.”)  There are probably more pillars, but you get my point, voting is key.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.  Imagine if those other 50% had voted.  I’m virtually certain that a significant majority of them are likely people who would vote for a Democrat if they were to actually vote.  Or not.  It doesn’t matter.  But if those 50% had voted we would know a lot more about what and how this nation actually thinks.

Look at it this way … 25% of America chose our President this week.  While 50% has nothing to say about it.

And Colin Kaepernick and every other American who chose not to vote can shut up and live with it.  They have no right to protest America if they can’t bother themselves with the most basic and fundamental act of citizenship we have in this country.

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