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The Arrival of a Curse

I’m sitting here watching the Giants game.  It’s a tense 2-2 tie entering the bottom of the 6th inning, when the wheels fall off the bus and the Royals score 5 runs.  What?  Huh? Something happened here.  The planets are out of alignment.  The trains have stopped running on time.  Children are crying.  Storm clouds are gathering.  In a small town in the middle of nowhere, a tear falls slowly down the dusty cheek of a migrant worker.  The President stops in mid-speech.  He doesn’t know why, but he does.  Cell phones disconnect.  Computer screens blink off and on, so quickly most don’t even see it.  Vladimir Putin gives back Crimea.  Life as we know it has stopped.  SOMETHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multi-tasker that I am, I’m on my laptop at the same time.  I check in with WordPress as the inning of horror winds to a close and I find this comment:

2-2 bottom of the 6th in game 2… I have a feeling the Royals are going to get outclassed by the Giants. Just a feeling. I’m the last one to say that recent World Series experience is a key determinant (I think talent and to some extent, in a 7-game series, luck wins), but the Giants seem to be calmer at the plate and on the mound.

This is just not the type of thing one says at this point in a game.  In a World Series.  You just don’t say these kind of things.  Why?  Because when you do, bad things happen.  It really doesn’t matter, the opposite of what you say is what will happen.  So, yeah, Trent Lewin, I’m calling you out on this.  I’m blaming you.  For the sake of all that you hold dear, you better hope the end result of this series is good for the Giants.  Or I may just sick a bunch of furry-footed hobbits on you.


It was me … No, actually, it was Jennifer

I don’t believe in God.  Or religion.  Magic.  Or ghosts.  All that hocus pocus, irrational, unexplainable stuff.  Give me good old-fashioned logic, rational thought, and common sense any day and I’ll be happy.  Well, except for this.

Guest Blogger, who shares my believe in the rational and logical, marvels at the one chink in my common sense armor.  I am the most superstitious of sports fans.

Shortly before the end of the regular season, the SF Giants had a Pablo Sandoval Garden Gnome give-away.  My friend, Jennifer, and her boyfriend went to the game.  They both got a gnome.  She gave me the extra on Saturday when we met for the Bob Dylan concert.  Pablo stayed in his box in my car until tonight.

Yes, on Monday, on my drive home, I thought of the best way I could contribute to the Giants success in Game 7 of the NLCS from the comfort of my own home.  You see, I have the power to affect the outcome of baseball games being played 100 miles away.  If I sit in a certain position, wear certain clothes, engage in certain activities — I have the power.  I thought Monday evening of busting out Pablo, but chose not to.

I kept it simple Monday night.  Sitting in our front room with my Giants sleep pants on.  Fooling around on my computer.  But, I sat in the same spot the entire game, except for beer runs … and the accompanying pee runs of course.

Success was achieved.  I contributed to their win.

So, tonight.  I’m driving home from work, thinking “what can I do?”  You got it.  It was time to bust out the Pablo Sandoval Garden Gnome.  I took him out of his packaging and set him on the floor next to me in the same spot I sat in on Monday.  Got my Giants sleep pants on.  Got the laptop humming … blogging this, blogging that.

And, well, I’m pretty sure you can agree that the results of tonight’s game prove my point.  I have the power!!!

OK.  Maybe not, but let me believe it for just a few moments in the deliriousness that is a World Series Game 1 victory for the Giants!

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