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The Second Greatest Invention of My Lifetime

Back in the 90s my sister and her husband had a CD player that could hold 200 CDs.  I so wanted one.  To put that many CDs in one device, hit random and then just sit back.  I might actually believe in heaven.  I never did buy one of those machines.  It’s a good thing because eventually the First Great Invention of my lifetime made such a thing obsolete.

The IPod.

You see, I’m somebody who needs music.  Most of the time it’s just there, in the background, just on the edge of my consciousness.  It’s there, nonetheless.

The IPod.

So, you’re telling me in this little device that fits in my palm I can put all of my music and have it right there.  Damn.  I’m there.  The IPod revolutionized music and how we store it, purchase it, and listen to it.  I have two IPods now.  The one that currently holds 3,500 songs, with space for more.  The other that only holds 250 songs — let’s say it’s my version of my top 10.

The one negative to how music is marketed in the age of the IPod is that most of the current generation seems more enamored of singles and less interested in full CDs/Albums.  It’s a shame because they’re missing out on all of those nuggets that are buried on a CD or album.  All of those buried nuggets are made available tenfold by …

So, what’s the Second Great Invention?  Spotify.  For $10 a month, I now have access to … well … everything!  As I posted a couple of days ago, I learned of the beauty of Johnny Cash’s talent.  Ever since then I’ve been absorbed in his massive catalog of music that spans decades because of Spotify.  It is all, yes all of it, right there.  I can add the songs I like to a playlist and then listen to that playlist on any internet-connected device.

I only started Spotify’s paid service a couple of weeks ago.  My playlist is at about 100 songs.  Here’s the key … it is made up almost entirely of artists I didn’t hear of until recently, artists I don’t own any music of, just random artists.  Crystal Bowersox (who was on of my favorite American Idol contestants), the aforementioned Mr. Cash, Rob Thomas, Los Lonely Boys, Mumford & Songs, the Lumineers, the Script, Young the Giant, the Head and the Heart, Drive by Truckers.  Every one of those artists listed here are virtually brand new to me and the playlist I have them on is incredible.  I’m trying to be selective with my starred playlist — only the best songs I listen to go on it.

Here’s another great thing about Spotify.  I wrote months ago about a duo I saw performing in Downtown Disneyland.  Oak and Gorski.  As soon as I got home from that trip, I typed their names into Spotify and had there entire (all unfortunately very short) catalog available to me.  Think about all of those times you hear a song by an another artist you’ve never heard of before and you wonder what else they’ve got.  Spotify them.

If you don’t have Spotify yet, get it.  Pay the $10 a month for the extra services.  It’s well worth it.  You must might find yourself in a little bit of music heaven.

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