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Listen to It Loud — Hall of Fame

I was driving to work this morning when 10,000 Years (Peace is Now) by Live came up on my IPod.  As the first notes were played, I cranked the volume up as loud as possible.  There are some songs that are just like that.  You have to listen to them loud.  And, frequently over and over again, no matter how long those songs have been in your life.  So, today’s new feature on King Midget’s Ramblings … the Listen to it Loud Hall of Fame.  (I’m gonna have to find a spot somewhere on the blog for this to be a permanent feature.)

Although 10,000 years provided the impetus for this feature, it can’t be the first inductee.  That honor goes to a song that has been a part of my life’s soundtrack for 30 years.  There simply cannot be a better song for absolutely cranking up the volume than Spirit of the Radio by Rush.  Click on the link and turn it up.  (Yes, I know, that Rush is a taste enjoyed by few people, but give me this one, would ya?)  For about ten years of my life, I thought Rush was the most incredible band ever.  They’ve pretty much sucked for the last 10-15, but there are a series of albums they put out that as a group represent some of the greatest rock music.  Other Rush songs that could be added to this list … Workingman, the entire first side of 2112, Red Barchetta, Xanadu, Tom Sawyer, One Little Victory, and probably a few others.

That’s the first one.  Let’s see what I add over the weeks.

Got any nominees?

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