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Vacation Thoughts

Actually, the title should be Post-Vacation Thoughts because I didn’t spend one single second thinking about this while on vacation.

I’ve had facial hair since I was twenty.  So, that’s thirty years, well except for that one day.  Sometimes it’s a full beard, typically trimmed pretty close.  Most of the time, it’s a Van Dyke style beard.  Go here if you want to make sure you know what a Van Dyke is.  I’ve always thought of what I have as a goatee.  Turns out I’m wrong.  It’s a Van Dyke.  Lately, I’ve grown the Van Dyke longer than I ever used to.  I had it going pretty good, but trimmed it back just before we left.

The reason why I stick with the Van Dyke over a full beard most of the time is that the hair on my cheeks and sides isn’t as thick as the area around my mouth.  So, it just doesn’t look as good.  When I go the full beard it’s because I’m tired of the daily shaving.  Or because…

I shave five days a week — Monday through Friday.  And on Saturdays and Sundays, I rest.  No shaving.  Don’t even think about it.  And, on Monday, I drag the razor across my skin to be presentable for work.

When I’m on vacation, I don’t shave either.  So, I spent the last week in Cabo and never once thought about shaving or the need to shave — didn’t even take the necessary implements of torture.  It’s time for the full beard again.

Which leads to the thought for today.  My question.  When I retire and am permanently on vacation, what will compel me to shave?  I’m struggling to see why I won’t end up looking like this…



What Boredom Can Do To A Person

First I shaved my head.  Then I started letting my beard grow and grow and grow …


Then I was with friends last night.  Old friends from the way back era.  The ones that knew me before I ever had facial hair.  Back in the day when I had an afro and was clean-shaven.  I wore thick-framed glasses.  When I was twenty, three things happened.  I grew a beard, cut my afro, and got contact lenses.  The contacts only lasted about six or seven years before one of them started irritating my eye.  It’s been glasses ever since.

The facial hair stayed.  The hair on top of my head kept getting shorter and shorter, until I shaved my head a few years ago and kept it that way for a few months.  Went back to that a couple of months ago and, well, as it says up top, I just decided to stop trimming the beard.

Last night in the comforting embrace of old friends, I threw out the idea I would shave it all off.  I’ve got the week off from work.  It can grow back.  So …


Personally, I think that’s a damn fine look.  And, if I ever pissed you off, you could grab on to those tufts of hair hanging down and do some serious damage.


No, absolutely not.  The mustache only look is a no-go.  Banned forever.

And, so, I went on.  Clean shaven for the first time since I was 20 …


And the last time as well.  What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!?

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