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Abandon Hope

Last night, I read a tweet by a guy by the name of Carlos Maza. His Twitter handle is GayWonk. I read the tweet because a friend I follow on Twitter retweeted it.  Here is the tweet:

“Not all men.”

2017: You wanna fucking bet?

There is a female blogger I started following a couple of years ago. She wrote some very interesting observations of life, raising her kids, politics, and things. But her blog eventually became a one note rant against men. All men. In one of her posts, she stated that the problem with our society is that we need to raise boys the way we raise girls. I called her out on that statement and her general lack of willingness to acknowledge that all men are not evil. She essentially refused to respond. Her last post was more of the same, and I commented that I was done following her blog because of the one-note rage. She replied “bye-bye” and then deleted my comment.

I will never, ever question that many, many women are the victims of assault and harassment. And that there are plenty of men out there who are asses. Hell, I’ve spent a lot of time in men only crowds listening to how they talk when the ladies are not around. It’s disgusting and leaves me feeling like I need a shower afterwards. So, yes, I get it.

But, no, not all men.

Statements like the tweet above and those I read on the blog and in many other places are symptomatic of a much larger problem. WE DO NOT THINK ANYMORE about what our words mean. Drawing distinctions is hard work, generalizations are much easier. Far too many people are simply too lazy to do the work needed to be credible voices on these matters. Unfortunately, social media has given the lazy the loudest megaphones. Social media in its many forms has created this platform where people simply react, they applaud without thought of consequences. They scream in rage without considering a more measured response. Our national debate is being overwhelmed by people too lazy, too afraid to stop and think and consider something other than the first emotional, gut reaction. That tweet up there — it’s the height of laziness and over 67,000 people liked it.

To my friend who retweeted the message above … what does this say about your father, your brothers, and maybe the male children you will have one day? Seriously … if I interpret your retweet correctly, you apparently consider your father to be the equivalent of Harvey Weinstein or Roy Moore. What does it say about myself and my own sons and the many others who are trying to do the right thing and treating women with respect and not harassing or assaulting them?

You know what it says?  Don’t bother. The world has convicted you simply because you are a man. And if I’m convicted already, I may as well just commit the crime. Thank you for that. It makes me feel so much better.

The funny thing is that by that tweet Carlos Maza appears to be admitting that he is a sexual harasser or sexual assaulter, isn’t he? Why would any woman (or man, since he apparently is gay) pay him any attention now? Shouldn’t they be boycotting his Twitter feed?


I Am

I am not black, white, yellow or brown

I belong in this place

I am a member of the human race


My politics are not blue, red or green

Equality for all is my case

I am a member of the human race


I am not disabled, stupid, a geek, or “normal”

Look at my face

I am a member of the human race


My beliefs are not Christian, Muslim or Jew

I am full of grace

I am a member of the human race


I am not gay, straight, transgender or a freak

But because love is my base

I am a member of the human race



This poem is written in response to the victims of discrimination, sexism, racism, and all of the other horrors targeted at people for what makes them unique.  Please stop identifying yourself as entitled to rights, entitled to protection, entitled to something because of your skin color, your sexual orientation, your gender, or your faith.  Instead, remove the label and demand those things because you are nothing other than a member of the human race.  It is not your color that matters.  It is not your politics that define you.  It is not your faith that identifies you.  You are a human.  Beginning, middle and end.

The outpouring about the Santa Barbara shooter’s misogynistic views (which, by the way, turns out he pretty much hated everybody, not just women) and how we all — generally meaning men — must stop … oh, hell, I’m not sure what it is we’re supposed to stop doing.  All I know is that there is this outcry about how we must do more to protect women, that men must stop being so … much like men.  All things that I completely agree with.  But…

OK, I’m not doing this very well.  Let me try it this way.  A friend tweeted that she was appreciating the opportunity to talk to her daughter and sons about how they should all take seriously the need to protect women.  I responded to her tweet that I thought it more important to teach our kids to protect all humans.

What’s my point … it’s probably obvious by now, but let’s please just stop focusing on the labels.  It is horrible when any human being is shot and killed in cold blood.  It shouldn’t be more serious if it is a hate-filled young man who “hates” women.  It is horrible when a human being is deprived of a core human right.  It shouldn’t be more serious because of their gender or their race or some other irrelevant characteristic.

So, please, if you are hurt by unfairness, discrimination, hate or intolerance.  Stand up and say “I am a human being and I have rights.”  Leave the labels behind.


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