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Bridgeport Update

After the flurry that was the week of January 27 — 5,900 free downloads over two days, followed by sales that doubled every day for four days — things have settled down.  This week has seen a steady 5-10 books sold each day, with a little more of them being actual purchases versus Kindle Lending Library borrows.  They remain almost entirely downloads and not paperback purchases.  Paperbacks have accounted for only four of the total.  The interesting thing is that every morning this week when I check the overnight numbers, it is exactly three more, and then during the course of the day, another three or four transactions occur.

Between Goodreads and Amazon, about ten more people have rated or reviewed it.  Over on Amazon, all reviews have been either four or five stars.  Meanwhile, on Goodreads, there’s an outlier.  Somebody rated it two stars, without posting a review.  I suppose I can’t make everybody happy, but I’d love to know why.  The overall ranking of the book in the various categories on Amazon has tanked.  No longer in the top 100 of anything.

I really can’t complain about the drop.  When I ran the promotions, I thought it might lead to a few sales.  Ten.  Twenty.  Maybe a bit more.  Maybe some of the free downloaders would post reviews.  Maybe.  Something.  I didn’t really know.  I never thought I would get to the point, however, where for one day, February 1, 2013, I sold more than 100 copies of a book I wrote.  I’ll ride the coattails of that for a bit.

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