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Why Do I Sometimes Lose Hope

Because of crap like this.

A Moral Dilemma

I abhor racism, sexism, pretty much every “ism” there ever was.  You know, me, the one who detests stereotypes.  That said, after a long weekend watching one my kids play in an out-of-town soccer tournament and not win a game, I came home and found this story in the local paper and it left me baffled as to what I should believe.  In a nutshell …  baby born, father shows the swastika tattoo he has and leaves a note that no African-American is to touch his newborn baby.  Nurses sue, claiming his demand was “illegal” and the hospital was wrong to bend to his wishes.

I hate this.  The guy is a jerk.  His racism shouldn’t be tolerated.  But.  But.  Don’t we have some right to decide who provides that most basic of care of our children?  No matter how abhorrent it is to common decency.  There’s an example in the article of somebody who is viciously attacked and raped by an individual of a particular race.  Should that person be denied the right to refuse medical treatment provided by somebody else of that race.  We talked about it at the family dinner table tonight.  What of Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East?  Given the animosity there, wouldn’t it be acceptable for a Palestinian to refuse treatment from a Jew, or vice versa?

I don’t know.  Seems to me the best things the nurses could have done was focus on the other babies in their care.  This isn’t something to sue over.  Rather … and here’s where there’s a little piece of something that slips in totally contrary to other beliefs I have … maybe the nurses should have prayed for that baby.  Whatever settlement they got did nothing for the baby.

The Racism of America

For four years, I’ve heard so many comments about how those who oppose Obama don’t do so because of racism (well, they’ll admit that there are a few racists among them, but not enough to make a difference), while claiming all of us who supported him are incapable of intelligent thought, think he is the messiah, and slobber over the fact that we got to vote for a black man for President … and he won!!

It’s a shame, really, then, when you find pictures like this one.  I don’t believe in the death penalty.  I don’t own a gun.  But, you know what, when I see a picture like that …

The hypocrisy of Republicans is pretty remarkable.  Who us?  Racist?  Of course not.  Well, maybe not.  Or maybe … In a study done by AP, 79% of Republicans expressed feelings of explicit racism, compared to 32% of Democrats.  It’s wrong regardless of who expresses it, but that is a pretty significant difference between the two.  79% of Republicans expressed feelings of explicit racism!!  But they’re not the racists ones.  My mind reels.

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