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A Peek Inside

I went to the county fair this morning for a couple of hours.  I’m not a fair person, but I was there to visit the younger Princely Midget.  He’s got a pig there and today was auction day.  Yes, for the second year in a row my Jewish son raised a pig.  Last year’s pig was named Chuleta — Spanish for pork chop.  This year’s pig was named Kosher.  Go figure.  That’s not the point here though.  Parking was $10, Admission was $5.  When I went to the Giants game this past Wednesday, we parked at the lot controlled by the team.  We paid $35 to park.  Each of our tickets was $18.  In other words, we paid $1 more for two admissions than we paid to park our car.  So, my question is this … when did parking at an event begin to cost more than actually attending the event?

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TheSelfPublisher has gotten off to a pretty incredible start.  Only a couple of days and we’ve got six authors contributing and almost 30 followers.  Want to join the fun?  Let me know.

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I’m fine with the opening paragraph to this piece:

Rationalists and secularists in the old plain style were very clear about death and dying, or at least they tried to be. “It’s just a nothing,” they would say: “the lights go out and then the curtain falls.” I won’t exist after I die, but then I didn’t exist before I was born, so what’s the big deal? It’s going to happen anyway, so just get over it. We are only forked animals after all, and when the time comes you should give my body to medical science, or burn it and use it as fertiliser; or why not eat it, if you’re hungry, or feed it to the pigs? And for goodness sake, don’t worry about how I died – whether peacefully or in pain – and don’t speculate about my last thoughts, my last sentiments or my last words. Why attach more importance to my dying moments than to any other part of my life? As for the business of seeing the body and saying goodbye, and the trouble and expense of coffins and flowers and funerals: what are they but relics of morbid superstitions that we should have got rid of centuries ago? So no fuss, please: the world belongs to youth and the future, not death and the past: go ahead and have a party if you must, with plenty to drink, but no speeches, nothing maudlin, no tears, nothing that might silence the laughter of children. And I beg you, no memorials of any kind: no stones, no plaques, no shrines, no park benches, no tree-plantings, no dedications: let the memory of who I was die with me.

In fact, for those five years I made my own beer and always had several dozen bottles of homebrew in a cabinet in my garage, my only requirement was that my friends had to get together and finish the beer.

A Boy (Jewish, no less) And His Pig

Being the lapsed-Catholic-now-atheist, I did what came naturally.  I married into a Jewish family.  We’re raising the Princely Midgets in their mother’s faith, which is fine by me.  There is much to like about the culture and traditions of Judaism, particularly as it is practiced in the reform synagogue we belong to.

Princely Midget #2 has designs on being a vet in the future.  Well, either that or a crime scene investigator.  To further his vet goals, he is in the Ag program at his high school.  He just completed his freshman year and so had his first experience with raising an animal.

Being the good Jewish boy that he is, he picked a pig.  It’s really not surprising.  His mother’s favorite food is bacon and most weekends we go through a pound of it at some point.  Yes, I can feel my arteries clogging.

The pig’s name?  Chuleta, which apparently in Spanish means chop, or pork chop.  Here they are…


This week is the county fair at which he is “showing” Chuleta.  Tomorrow is the auction where somebody will purchase the little piggy to turn it truly into a chuleta and a few other things.

This is one of those things I struggle to get interested in.  I’ve got no agriculture background.  On some level, I feel like this is a waste of time.  For the past few months, he has spent a lot of time with the pig, working with it, learning how to try to control and direct the pig.  But, for what?  Does this lead to anything?

Yes, you could say the same thing about a lot of activities.  Playing soccer, painting … blogging.  So, the question is has he enjoyed it?  I think he has, although he has been frustrated with his pig.  It’s stubborn.  It fights.  Controlling it isn’t as easy as he probably thought.  Back to whether he has enjoyed it … apparently he has as he plans on doing it all again next year.  Albeit with a different kind of animal.  His choices are lamb, steer, chicken, or rabbit.  I’m thinking he’s going for the lamb or steer.  He has heard you can make huge amounts of money with a steer.

Me?  I wish I could get a little bit of bacon off Chuleta or some of the shoulder for my chili verde.  I think though the rest of the family would scream if Chuleta showed up in a meal at home.

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