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So Little Time

So much to say.

I wonder this.  After a tornado whips through Oklahoma City will we hear from some buffoon of a right-wing religious nut who says it’s because we have allowed homosexuality and abortion and all sorts of godless liberal things to spread their evil wings across the land?  Or do we only hear that when tragedies strike blue cities or blue states?

Sorry for that.  I feel tremendously for the residents of Oklahoma City.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through now.  But I can’t help but feel the hypocrisy of the rabid religious right when things like this happen.

* * *

Patience.  A virtue or a curse?  Discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me.

Why do I ask this question?  Well, because I want to.  Maybe.  No, actually, it’s because of this.  In many ways, I have exhibited patience beyond the limits of human endurance.  In others, I am as patient as a four-year-old at Christmas.  An example of the former — well, heck, let me put the cards on the table — how to make my marriage and family work.  An example of the latter — well, I’m still like a four-year-old at Christmas when it comes to gifts.  No, that’s not good enough.  Here’s another example.  Why have I chosen the self-publishing route?  Because I don’t have the patience to deal with agents and publishers who take months and years to do anything.

* * *

I’m going … drum roll … no, really, this is worthy of a drum roll … here.  I heard about the Mendocino County Writers’ Conference on Saturday.  I sent the application and check in this afternoon.  I’ve attended one such conference before.  Hundreds of people.  “Workshops” and sessions that were attended by dozens of people.  Meaning they were really lectures instead of workshops.  The MCWC is different.  They limit attendance to 100 people and have six different workshops going at all times.  As a result, there shouldn’t be much more than 15-20 people in each workshop.  In other words, they really are workshops.  Not lectures … yawn.

Here’s another key to this.  Last summer, I spent a few days at Caples Lake.  Just me and my laptop, camera, some art supplies, and a hefty supply of beer.  OK, and food, too.  Since then I’ve thought I need to have some ocean time and have thought that the Mendocino coast (a couple hours north of San Francisco) would be a perfect place for a few days of solitude, writing, and reflection.  Badda-bing.  Mendocino County Writers’ Conference.  I’m there.

And, I’m staying here.  In my mind when I’ve thought of this retreat I wanted this year, I’ve envisioned a cabin that’s near the ocean.  Close enough to walk to the sand and the surf.  Close enough to hear the waves and quiet roar.  It’s one room and nothing more.  It’s quiet, except for that quiet roar that never ends.

Once the conference is over, I’ll be sticking around for a couple of extra days just so I can … be.

Going back to that whole patience thing … I want this now.  I don’t want to wait.

And, I don’t want it just for now.  I want it forever.

January 1, 2013

A new year is here

Resolve, Commit, be better

Like all the year’s days


Yeah, it’s the New Year, which means we’re supposed to resolve to be better.  Lose weight.  Get that new job.  Be nicer to people.  Write more.  Write less.  Why is that?  This goes back to one of my many gripes.  People who focus on birthdays and anniversaries and holidays and leave the rest of the year to its own devices.  I make resolutions every day of the year.  To be a better husband, a better father, a better boss, a better employee.  A better person.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  I never stop trying for something better, instead of accepting what I have.

A couple of days ago, the daily prompt from I Saw You Dancing was to identify the word that was your “travelling companion” for 2012 and the word you would travel with into 2013.  Debra Kreps identified her 2012 word as CONNECT, but is holding back on revealing her 2013 word.  More importantly for this post, one of her commenters indicated her 2013 word would be PATIENCE.


I like that word.  I also like trying to come up with a word for the year because it requires me to think about the 365 days that stretch out ahead of me.  It’s a commitment for the duration.  Not something that can be done in the first week or first month.

PATIENCE is a virtue, you know.  A word for the year should be virtuous.  For instance, INTOLERANCE would be a bad word to chose as a word for the year.



Unless, well, that’s the word you choose for yourself.  Who am I to judge?

Writing this post has opened the door to a few ideas for my word for 2013.  PATIENCE.  ACCEPTANCE.  COMMITMENT.  Those are three that jump out at me at the moment.  But I’m not sure any of those are it.  What about this?  HAPPINESS.  Another alternative, taken from my haiku that’s actually two words.  DO BETTER.  Better than what?

It’s a tough decision to make.  Maybe it’s impossible to identify the one word I will travel with in 2013.  I want all of the things those words suggest.  I want to be all of the things those words require.  I want …

I think I know what my word for 2013 is.


CONSISTENCY.  2013 will be a year in which I will be more steady in moving towards my goals.  I think this word encompasses a number of the others.  Patience.  Acceptance.  Commitment.  It also represents another word I thought of.  MINDFULNESS.

If I’m consistent in my approach to life this year.  To the people around me.  To the mountains and molehills.  If I eliminate some of the highs and lows.  I do those things and I will show more of those other virtues.  So, there you go.  That’s my word for 2013.

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