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The Dime

After months and years of delay, I’m sort of pulling the trigger on this story. Originally titled Northville Five & Dime, it’s been renamed The Dime to eliminate any issues with using the name of a real store in the town of Northville.

I had planned on publishing Part One, a novella length piece, then once I complete Part Two, publishing it separately. But while I’ve dithered on publishing Part One, I realized that Part Two is a whole lot closer to being finished than I thought. So, I’m working on that now. V-e-r-y slowly.  And while I’m doing that, I decided to see what would happen if I published Part One on WattPad, chapter by chapter.

A couple of days, I published the first two chapters. Today, I published the second two chapters. Every few days, I’ll publish a couple more chapters until Part One is up, and hope that by then I’ll have Part Two completed.

Here’s the link for the story on WattPad. Go there and read, comment, vote for it, help me generate a bit of buzz for the story.


An Update On The Irrepairable Past

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