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New Music!

Thanks to Spotify … the streaming music site has this great feature for discovering new music.  If you like artist X, you may like artist Y.  Today, it suggested that if I liked Mick Flannery, I might like The Swell Season.  Here’s the Mick Flannery song that just gets me right in that space I like to be with music…

And here is The Swell Season, Falling Slowly…

There is plenty more than that with The Swell Season.

The amount of incredible music out there that I only find through coincidence and happenstance and … well, Spotify … just amazes me sometimes.


Odds and Ends

One Night in Bridgeport Update:  At .99, I sold over 600 downloads in May, 100 in June, and 250 in July.  I’m updating the cover and correcting the typos for both paperback and the Kindle.  Once I do that, I’m moving the price back up to $2.99 for awhile.  We’ll see what happens.

* * *

I’m off work for two and a half weeks.  Between my solo trip to Fort Bragg the last six days and a family trip down to Long Beach starting on Friday, I have a couple of days.  There was a work meeting today I thought I should go to.  I went to work as a result.  Bad decision.  Completely ruined the vacation vibe.

* * *

One of my new favorite songs courtesy of Spotify.  This is one of those songs that fills all of the requirements:  mood, voice, simple musical sound, lyrics. meaning.  But, go back to the voice.  Awesome.

* * *

Weed Therapy is back.  Be very, very quiet.

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