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Two Americas

In one America, the President goes to a mosque to deliver a speech that recognizes the multiculturalism that is our country, the right to freedom of religion that is one of the foundations of our country’s founding, and to recognize that Muslim-Americans are exactly that Americans.

In the other, a Republican nominee (Rubio) then criticizes the President for making that speech and “pitting people against each other.”  In the other, all Muslims should be banned from entering this country, including small children orphaned by war.  (Christie)  In the other, all Muslims should be banned from entering this country, including those who are American citizens who travel abroad.  (Trump)

In one America, Americans ridicule Muslims and decry their use of the phrase Allahu Akbar, which means something like God is Great or God is the Greatest.

Oddly enough, in that same America, Republican nominees begin their victory speeches with “To God be the Glory.”  (Cruz)  Make it clear in debates that Jesus Christ is the savior. (Rubio)  And do all sorts of other things that profess the exact same perspective and dedication to God as Allahu Akbar means to Muslims — while living in that world in which Muslims are ridiculed and criticized and demonized for their profession of faith to God.

In the other America, all faiths, including the absence of faith, are cherished and respected.

Need I go on.

One wonders if there ever will be one America.

[Edited to add:  This is the kind of sentiment that Marco Rubio who wants to be your President believes is pitting people against each other.  From Obama’s speech yesterday:

“If we’re serious about freedom of religion — and I’m speaking now to my fellow Christians who remain the majority in this country — we have to understand an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths. And when any religious group is targeted, we all have a responsibility to speak up. And we have to reject a politics that seeks to manipulate prejudice or bias, and targets people because of religion.”]

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