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What’s Wrong With America

Three examples:

  • the Covington kids controversy. A brief snippet of video was used to generate a false narrative that supported the agenda of one group of Americans. That narrative — anybody wearing a MAGA hat is racist and disrespectful. The longer video suggests something less clear. The problem is that less clear dynamic is harder to report and make a story out of than the half-baked “MAGA are racists” narrative. And who in the mainstream media and on the liberal side of things really wants to report that it was the racist, hate-filled Black Hebrew Israelites who really caused the problems in front of the Lincoln Memorial that day? I said at the time and I’ll say it again — the headline of the stories reporting the incident should have been “Two Disparate Groups of Americans Protested Together, Passionately But Peacefully.”
  • Diane Feinstein’s encounter with youthful Green New Deal supporters. A brief snippet of video was used to generate a false narrative that supported the agenda of one group of Americans. Yes, you read the same line for the first bulleted item. The exact same thing happened. To generate stories that further the leftist agenda, s short clip of a longer video was used to attack Feinstein and make waves about the GND. The longer video shows a much different story and includes details that don’t support the MSM/leftist agenda so those details are ignored.

The mainstream media is, unfortunately, playing into the hands of Trump and the right-wing charges of fake news when they do this. The rush to judgment, the rush to be first, the rush to put anything out that can criticize Trump and his supporters, the rush to put anything out that supports the left-wing narrative … it all results in crappy journalism that the intolerant right can attack as fake news. Worse still is that it presents an image of the MSM and the left as being just as intolerant as we view the right to be. White kids from Kentucky can’t gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial without being targeted as racists. Diane Feinstein, who I’m not necessarily a fan of, can’t have a different view on how to address climate change without being falsely villified.

Which leads to the third bullet…

  • the “uproar” over Green Book winning the Oscar for Best Picture. I haven’t seen the movie. My wife did and insists I need to see it. I’m hesitant to do so. When I’ve seen the previews of the movie, I just get this sense that the movie is typical Hollywood, feel-good schlock. The movie sets up the destructive dynamic, the conflict, and then will resolve it all in a wonderful little ending that makes everybody glow inside and feel good about themselves. I’ve seen enough movies out of Hollywood like that. I would probably rather see Spike Lee’s Black KKKlansman, but don’t know if I’ll see that either.  But the anger over the movie winning the Oscar instead of Lee’s movie, or Black Panther, is another example of the intolerance of the left. You must think like we think, portray the way we portray, do what we do, say what we say, feel how we feel … or you simply are not as worthy as we are and we must express our anger. Our rage.

The primal, tantrum-throwing rage continues. When will it ever end.


Instead of Impeachment

I’ve had a lot of different thoughts about things I’ve wanted to write leading up to yesterday’s election. I haven’t written any of them down. Maybe I’ll come back to those ideas later.

But what I would like to suggest is this. With the Democrats now in control of the House, instead of impeachment, I’d like to see them focus on putting forward legislation that offers a clear alternative to Republican destruction.

Legislation that reinforces and improves the Affordable Care Act.

Legislation that moves America towards a more sane tax structure and begins to reduce the massive annual federal budget deficit.

Legislation that puts forward a comprehensive plan for immigration reform that deals credibly with the millions of illegal immigrants already in this country, reforming our existing immigration practices to encourage legal immigration, and, yes, strengthening security at the border. Not a wall per se, but taking measures that will reduce illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Legislation that speaks to the middle of America instead of to the leftist extremes of the Democratic Party.

Legislation that offers America a view of a positive, optimistic governing strategy that could replace the divisiveness and destruction of Trump and his Republican acolytes.

And I’d like to see a mainstream media that steps away from its own hyperpartisanship and away from its fervent, breathless reporting on every stupid thing Trump says and does and focuses on what the two parties actually are doing to govern in America today. (By the way, if you don’t believe the MSM is engaged in “its own hyperpartisanship” you don’t read the twitter accounts of MSM actors.)

Am I optimistic that any of this will happen?  Absolutely not. I have absolutely no hope that either Democratic leaders or the MSM will grow up and act like the adults in the room. They haven’t for the last two years.

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