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My Best Eggcorn Ever

My last Top Three post was about Hozier. I was listening to one of those songs this morning — Always (Sweet Music). It’s a perfect example of the joy I find in Hozier’s music. The song is such a celebration of music. I was paying closer attention to the lyrics than I usually do while I drove around this morning.

But, let’s stop for a sec before I completely embarrass myself. What is an eggcorn? For those who don’t know, it is a “word or phrase that results from a mishearing or misinterpretation of another, an element of the original being substituted for one that sounds very similar or identical.” The word even has its own wikipedia page. Eggcorns frequently come out in music. You hear something in a lyric and swear it’s one thing only to find out, sometimes years later, that you simply did not hear what you thought you heard.

For years, I thought the ZZ Top line “I’m Bad, I”m Nationwide,” from the song Nationwide, was actually, “I’m bad, I’m Asian-white.” It was only when I saw the name of the song on the screen in my car that I realized I had been living a lie for … decades.

So, back to Hozier and Always (Sweet Music), this joy-filled celebration of music. Here’s what I thought I heard:

Do I hope each kiss to lip and cheek is as soft as chicken skin

I was all set to tweet about this and ask is “as soft as chicken skin” really a thing? Anywhere in the world? I couldn’t imagine it was, I mean who would sing of chicken skin in such a song.

Apparently not Hozier. Here is the actual line:

Do I owe each kiss to lip and cheek as soft
As Chet can sing “Let’s Get Lost”

But I dare you to go listen to the song and tell me you don’t hear “chicken skin” there.

Music, Baby!

It’s that time of year. No, not Christmas, or Hanukah, or Kwanzaa. Nothing like that.

No, it’s the time of year when Spotify provides it’s annual report to Premium members. No, not an annual report of its finances. It’s a report of my music experience for 2019. As a grown-ass man who was addicted to the Guinness Book of World Records and Book of Lists as a child, this is the kind of thinI knowg that fascinates me.

So … on to the preliminaries. According to Spotify …

In 2014, my favorite song was Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran, but my favorite artist was Melissa Etheridge. I know Ed Sheeran intrigued me back then, but I’m somewhat surprised by Etheridge. Back in the 90’s, she was a huge part of my music experience, but these days, her music just doesn’t do much for me.

In 2015, my favorite song was Subah and my favorite artist was Griffin House. Subah is a piece I heard in a yoga class back then that was just absolutely fascinating and I know I listened to it a lot for a time, but the #1 song for the year? Hmmm …  And, yes, Griffin House was big for me then and remains big for me now. He’s got some serious chops with the song-writing and tone of his music.

In 2016, my favorite song was Like Rock and Roll and Radio and my favorite artist was Ray LaMontagne. The song and the artist match and I’m not surprised by this. LaMontagne has a core group of songs that I’ll never tire of and 2016 was when I dicovered him.

In 2017, my favorite song was Touching Heaven and my favorite artist was Johnnyswim. Again, the song and the artist match up and I’m not surprised by this. Another year where I discovered a new artist and wallowed in their music. And Touching Heaven is, as I’ve described on this blog in the past, pretty damn close to the perfect song for me.

In 2018, my favorite song was Song for Zula by Phosphoresent and my favorite artist was Queen. Not surprised by either. Song for Zula remains to this day a song that I can’t get enough of. And Queen has been rocking my world for 40 years.

Which leaves us with 2019…

According to Spotify, I listened to music on Spotify for 59,588 minutes in 2019. So, basically about 1,000 hours. I listened to 367 new artists this year, which seems somewhat amazing to me. I also listened to artists from 30 different countries, which seems equally amazing to me.

Which leaves us with…


A year like no other since I subscribed to Spotify. Unlike all of the years since 2014, my top 10 and top 100 songs have a certain focus. There is a particular artist who filled 20 of the top 100 spots and seven (7!) of the top 10 spots.

Here are a few clues, in case you haven’t figured it out …

  • If you’ve been reading my blog over the last few months, you might already know.
  • I saw him live in Sacramento on October 21.
  • The title of this post might give you a clue.

Give up? Or you’ve got it figured out?

Yes, it’s Hozier. His music continues to amaze me. Instead of sharing videos from the songs on my top lists, I’ll provide this one. He performed it at the concert on October 21. He introduced it as new music and asked people to put their phones away so videos didn’t show up on Youtube before he was ready to release it. Well, it’s released now. The initial notes of the song seemed kind of harsh, like fingernails on a chalkboard. But by the time the song was over at that concert, I was completely sold. To me, it was the best song/performance of the entire concert.

And there you go … musically for me, 2019 was all about Hozier. All about Hozier. And now I need some new music. Got any suggestions? If you use Spotify, what was on your 2019 list?

An Album For Today

I posted a couple of songs from this album ten days ago. I’ve been listening to the entire album ever since. Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby! is one of those albums that doesn’t have a song that misses. Each one has a wonderful quality to it. There’s something that is spiritual and joyful and just so incredible about this album from beginning to end. And I have no idea if that was his intent, I just absolutely love listening to this guy’s music. (Turns out, I may be partially right.)

I  believe that if you go here:

you’ll hear the first song, Nina Cried Power, and then Youtube will take you automatically to the next song, and so on, until you get the entire album. Or go to Spotify and listen there. Just listen.

Song(s) For Today

I’m really digging me some Hozier these days. Seriously, really, really liking Hozier. What I’m listening to for the next couple of hours while I work on my script.




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