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Not Sure What to Do With This

I’m at somewhat of a loss.  My favo blogger, Andrew Sullivan, has written an article for Newsweek.  On the basis of that article, Newsweek’s cover anoints President Obama as “The First Gay President.”  I have no doubt Sullivan’s article is well-written and I’ll agree with 99% of what he writes.  But by titling the article in such a way, Newsweek has handed the right-wing yet another line of attack.  Not only is he really a muslim, now he’s a gay muslim.

Shortly after President Obama announced his switch, Rand Paul made a speech in which he said didn’t think the President’s views on the issue “could get any gayer.”  He then was, of course, rebuked for that comment by a wide variety of commentators.  Why, if a major news magazine is going to call the President a gay President.

This is like calling President Clinton the first black president.  No, he wasn’t.  Clearly.  And President Obama is not the first gay president.  Why is it so necessary to label people?

After more than 25 years as a subscriber, I’m seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription to Newsweek.

Has The Tide Permanently Turned?

I don’t necessarily think politicians or political parties should be swayed by polls since you can point to many horrible wrongs that were committed by majorities or instances where the majority has turned its back on what is right, but this is certainly a remarkable memo.  It is pretty amazing how quickly views on this issue have evolved.  I’m still not entirely sure that it is as significant as the national polls suggest since virtually every election on the issue ends up producing a result contrary to the idea of gay marriage.  There is a hard core element in this country that will fight this issue until the very end and, so far, they seem to be winning most of the battles.

However, when you have a major Republican pollster putting out a memo that basically says that gay marriage is consistent with conservative principles, well, you just gotta stop and wonder if it’s almost there.

A lot of this may all be directed at one man.  Anthony Kennedy, who alone among the conservative wing of the U.S. Supreme Court, is willing to go out on a limb on social issues and, I believe, can be swayed by popular opinion.  Some of Justice Kennedy’s closest colleagues and friends over the years are or were homosexual.  The Court’s decision on California’s Proposition 8 will be coming down in the next two months.  The President has now said gay marriage is OK.  Republicans of stature are now coming out with more open-minded statements on the issue.  Meanwhile, polls are showing more and more support for the issue.  It will be very interesting to see what happens with Justice Kennedy’s decision on this.  And make no mistake, the vote on this will be 5-4.  His vote will be the 5th vote, either striking down Prop. 8 or allowing it to stand.  I’m starting to have optimism that he will want to be on the right side of history on this.

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