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What Happens When

One Night in Bridgeport is featured on again?  Twenty-four hours later, 260 people have downloaded it and the book is #9 in legal thrillers and #530 in the Kindle Store.  😉

The One Promotional Site That Works

The only one that produced real results for me was  As I’ve written before, when they featured One Night in Bridgeport in May, about 500 people downloaded it that day and the next and in the months since, another 500-600 (at least) have downloaded the book.  I have strongly recommended to my self-publishing friends to try the site.  Minimum requirements:  at least 10 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4 or above.  Nothing to pay upfront.  Instead, you pay 25% of your earnings from sales that occur the day you are featured and the following day.   The site is linked to Amazon so they get the sales figures and send you a bill.  Those 500 downloads I got back in May produced about $170 in revenue.  I was more than happy to send 25% of that to ereadernewstoday, particularly since I’ve had so many more sales in the months since.

Today, one of my blogging/writing friends from the other side of the world was featured on ereadernewstoday. Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson is one of those books I believe is why self-publishing has a place in the literary world.  It’s different and charming and incredible.  As I write this, her book is #1,647 in the Kindle Store; #12 in the Inspirational subgenre; and #14 in the Romantic subgenre.  I’m pretty sure Tammy will be letting me know her sales figures for the day and also for the days ahead.  Whatever they are, they’ll be pretty incredible.

No other site I’ve tried has come close to producing the same results.

(And a note to Charles:  she submitted her novel and didn’t hear back.  She sent a follow-up email and that’s when they notified her they’d be featuring her novel.)

Back on Crack

Back in January and February when Bridgeport started selling like hotcakes, I became addicted to my Kindle Direct Publishing page that shows the sales.  Like a crack addict, I checked in regularly throughout the day.  Each and every day.  Probably by the hour.  As sales dwindled, the crack of sales figures lost its allure.

I dropped the Kindle price for Bridgeport to .99 a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing happened.  I submitted the book to ereadernewstoday, a website that publicizes free and bargain books for the Kindle, among other things.  Two days ago, I got an email that they would be featuring my book today.  Which they did.  First thing this morning, three people had downloaded it.  An hour later, it’s up to eighteen.  Yes, I’m back on crack.

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