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Song For The Day

I’m the type of person who listens to music because I enjoy listening to it. I look for songs with the right sound, the right feel, the right lyrics and it is that music that forms the background noise that gets me through the day.  Some songs are more meaningful than others, some are more fun than others, some are a mixture of all the feels.

And every once in awhile I learn the story behind a song and it becomes that just more meaningful, or fun, or doubles down on all the feels.

A year or so ago, I went to see Marc Cohn and he explained the story behind his hit Walking in Memphis. Just hearing him talk about his adventures in Memphis, why he was there, and how it produced that song gave the song a whole lot more oomph.

Which brings me to today’s song.  I’ve liked this song, liked the band, but when I heard this live version and the explanation of the song at the beginning, the song just means so much more because it’s not about a fictional Charlie. It’s about a real Charlie and all the feels just come out.

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