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Day 6

Mitt Romney on Gay Marriage

And on the seventh day …

Mitt Romney is clueless.

We have fewer ships now than we did in 1916 (or was it 1917).  Yes, and back then, our naval power represented only 11% of naval power in the world and we now have a navy that is larger than all of the other navies in the world combined.

Which means, he is also wasteful.

Spend more on defense.  We must.  We must.  Why?  We already have a military that is larger, better equipped, more capable of responding to any crisis than any other military in the world.  We just need more.  More ships.  We don’t have enough.  Why?  Who the hell knows, he’s too clueless to tell us.  All we know is he thinks tax cuts for the wealthy and increased defense spending will do miracles for the federal budget.  Sounds like Reagan — who produced his own record-breaking deficits.

Let’s go back to clueless, however …

Oh, never mind.  I think I’ve made my point.  Mitt Romney is the most disingenuous, dishonest, incompetent candidate we have had for the Presidency in years.  He has no idea how the middle class and poor live.  He has no interest in them.  He is running to protect a narrow slice of America at the cost of everybody else.

He is cynical and believes America can be fooled.  My only hope is that he is wrong and that enough voters will not be fooled by his tactics.  He was for it before he was against it only to be for it again in the final weeks of this election.  There is simply no way anybody can credibly claim to know what his positions are on any major issue.  You, the voter, can decide not to let it happen.  Is President Obama perfect?  No.  Has he failed to live up to all of his promise?  No.  Is he like other politicians?  Yes.  It is a game they play.

The problem is that Mitt Romney has decided that the game is more important.  It’s not about establishing who he is and persuading America to vote for who he is.  It’s about being what he needs to be to get elected.  There is nothing else that explains his actions of the last couple of years.  Remember it was a fellow Republican who stated “how do you debate a liar” about Mitt Romney.  How do you vote for somebody who is so willing to lie in his effort to become President?  I’ll never get the level of support he has.  If he prevails it will say a lot regarding the American electorate and not much of it is any good.


The Racism of America

For four years, I’ve heard so many comments about how those who oppose Obama don’t do so because of racism (well, they’ll admit that there are a few racists among them, but not enough to make a difference), while claiming all of us who supported him are incapable of intelligent thought, think he is the messiah, and slobber over the fact that we got to vote for a black man for President … and he won!!

It’s a shame, really, then, when you find pictures like this one.  I don’t believe in the death penalty.  I don’t own a gun.  But, you know what, when I see a picture like that …

The hypocrisy of Republicans is pretty remarkable.  Who us?  Racist?  Of course not.  Well, maybe not.  Or maybe … In a study done by AP, 79% of Republicans expressed feelings of explicit racism, compared to 32% of Democrats.  It’s wrong regardless of who expresses it, but that is a pretty significant difference between the two.  79% of Republicans expressed feelings of explicit racism!!  But they’re not the racists ones.  My mind reels.

A little bit o’ Andrew Sullivan on Day 8

Because this was posted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog yesterday, I’m linking to it today.  I’ll be back with two more anti-Romney days before I head to the pro-Obama days to wind down my 12 days of an Election.

The moral case for President Obama’s re-election.


The Nine Lies of the Ninth Day

1.  “I don’t have a $5 trillion tax cut.”

2.  “I will not cut taxes on wealthy Americans.”

3.  I’m going to cut taxes on the middle class by eliminating taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains.

4.  “Pre-existing conditions are covered in my plan.”

5.  “We’ve got 23 million people out of work.”

6.  “Regulations have quadrupled.”

7.  He claims Obama doubled the deficit.

8.  The 47% who support Obama pay no income tax.

9.  Has repeatedly said that Obama has not signed any free trade agreements.

Well, wait, there’s more…

10.  He came up with the idea for the binder full of women.

11.  His tax cuts won’t add to the deficit.

12.  Obama care puts in place an unelected board that will tell people what health care they can hav.e

13.  20 million Americans will lose their health care as a result of Obamacare.

14.  Half of the green firms the Obama administration invested in have gone under.  (In fact only 3 out of 26 have.)

I could go on … but I think you get the point.  The Etch-A-Sketch candidate is also a liar.


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