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A Moment


Back in the old days, before digital cameras, it was difficult to take pictures when the sun is in front of you instead of behind you.  I’m sure there was a way, but that would probably involve way more about f-stops and apertures and shutter speeds and god knows what else than I ever wanted to learn.  When I was a kid, I remember my parents telling me that the sun had to be at your back to take good pictures.

Apparently, that principle doesn’t apply to this new-fangled technology called digital photography.  Yes, this has become one of my favorite kinds of picture to take.  What do you think?

I took this picture today while walking along the American River in the William Pond Recreation Area.  It is one of many parks that provide access to the river along the American River Parkway, which is an incredible natural setting that winds its way through the urban heart of Sacramento and its suburbs.

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