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Things I Want To Know (7)

Why is KDP still paying me?

For those who don’t know, I’ve published a few books via the wonders of CreateSpace (now defunct) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). (Go forth to the Amazon page, type in my name — Mark Paxson — and buy yourself a collection of short stories — The Marfa Lights or Shady Acres — or a novel — One Night in Bridgeport — or a long short story — Deviation.)

It’s been quite some time since my account page on KDP has shown anybody buying one of my books, either of the paperback variety, the e-book variety, or any other variety.  But every couple of weeks I get an email from KDP alerting me that a payment is coming my way. And sure enough, within a few days it shows up in my bank account.

Admittedly, these payments are small, so small as to be the financial equivalent of microscopic. Still, what are they paying me for if nobody is purchasing my books?



Things I Want To Know (6)

When did the more liberal and progressive members of the Democratic Party decide that it would be a good idea to Tea Party the Democrats?

Let’s go back to those halcyon days of yesteryear. When Barack Obama was elected and the Republican Party had a conniption fit.  Members of Congress, not just the back benchers, but the leaders of the Republican Party stated that they would do everything they could to block Obama’s agenda and that their only objective was to ensure his was a one term Presidency.

So, how did that work out?

Two terms.  Affordable Care Act. Iranian Nuclear Deal. All sorts of things were accomplished that I’m not going to bother listing here. It’s pointless. Let’s just say that while the Party of No was successful at some things, one can still look back at the Obama Presidency and say he got a lot done towards his agenda.

The other element of the Republican response to his election was that the rabid right rose up and shouted down any moderate, reasonable voice in the Republican Party. The “Tea Party” made sure that the only Republicans who won most primaries were those who were doctrinaire and right wing … at least at the level of 110%. Anything less than that meant a primary challenge from a opponent who was more “pure.” Many reasonable, moderate Republicans were defeated.

Which is why we have a Republican Party now that is so in the pocket of Trump and incapable of sticking its head out of its turtle shell.

The problem is that the activists in the Democratic Party are now trying to produce the same result for the Dems. They are the left-wing version of the Tea Party. Anything short of 110% conformance to the doctrine of the left is insufficient. Lock step, no questions asked. This is the new mandate for our two major political parties these days.

Why am I asking this question today?

Because of the outrage that Joe Biden speaks fondly of working with Republicans to achieve objectives good for America. Shock!!!  Horrors!!! Working together to produce results!!!  How dare he!!!

Here’s the deal … we elect our representatives to get things done. How that works is that they work with the other elected representatives to try to find solutions to the nation’s ills. If you believe your elected representative is supposed to ignore his or her colleagues who are “offensive” to you than you simply don’t understand how governance in a democracy works.

The more liberal and progressive members of the Democratic Party who are demanding ideological purity and a no holds barred approach to working with Republicans are pretty much doing everything they can to guarantee another four years with the Orange Clown. Just like the Tea Party guaranteed four more years of President Obama way back when.

So, I ask my readers who consider themselves on the lefter side of the political debate — do you really want to do that? Is ideological purity worth four more years of Trump? Or can you actually open your mind to the idea that our nation is best served by something other than total victory for what you believe? Cause I gotta tell you, your agenda taken as a whole has some good ideas and some really bad ideas.

I’ll tell you this much, when I’m elected President, I’ll work with anybody who is interested in working to address our country’s needs.  Black, purple, white, gay, straight, something in between, Republican, Democrat … it don’t matter. You walk into the Oval Office and say let’s get something done, I am right there with you. I may even put my Vice President in charge of this.


Things I Want To Know (5)

I started piano lessons about three months ago. I started with the idea that I would learn to play songs I know. Like Beatles songs and whatever else floated my boat.

Then a good friend told me about her 11-year-old daughter playing Fur Elise for an audition and I decided I wanted to learn the song.

I have now switched entirely over to classical. It’s just a better type of song to play on the piano. More interesting to play and more beautiful if you can get it right.

So I’ve been playing Fur Elise for a little more than two months. On some level, it is an easy song to play. In places. The challenge with the song is that it has distinct parts that are different than the other parts and the transition from part to part can be difficult.

What I want to know is whether I’ll ever master this song.

And here’s where I was gonna include a video of my playing the song but apparently videos on the ol’ iPhone are massive in size and unloadable hereabouts. You’ll have to take my word for it. I’m probably about 80% of the way there with this song, but I feel like I’ve been there for awhile now.

Things I Want To Know (4)

Any writers out there use Wattpad? Did you have any success? If so, how?

Any writers out there actually make any money at If so, how?

Any writers out there with any great ideas for branching out into freelancing or other writing opportunities that pay?

Asking for a friend.

Things I Want to Know (3)

Why can’t the Warriors and Raptors keep playing?

Seriously. Why not?

I’ve been blessed for the last decade, after 40 years of sports fan futility. First it was the Giants three World Series and as soon as their run was over, the Warriors picked things up. This year was their fifth run through the NBA Playoffs all the way to the Championship series.

The first four were match-ups against the Lebronaliers. I mean the Cavaliers. The series were good, but not great and it’s primarily because of how Lebron sucks the life out of a game.

But, man, this years match-up against was the Raptors was just so intense. By the end of last night’s game, I felt like these teams had spent the last two weeks playing every single possession like it was their last. I really don’t know that I’ve ever seen a playoff series in the NBA played the way the last six games were played.

For six games, the ten men on the court played basketball as hard as they could. The whining at refs was kept to a minimum, more or less. I don’t recall any chippiness between the players. They just played basketball. Hard. With teamwork and with respect for the other team.

This is what the NBA could be if it wanted to be. Unfortunately, it’s not what the NBA is about 98% of the time.

So, yes, why can’t the Raptors and Warriors just keep playing?

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