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An Unexpected Moment

For several years, my cousin (actually, she’s something like a second cousin, twice removed, or something like that — I’ll never claim to understand the degrees of kinship) has talked about sending her daughter out for a visit.  Never happened, until now.  She flew out last Thursday and we began a California jaunt — to points along the coast and then on to Disneyland.

I dreaded the idea of Disneyland.  I offered her Yosemite, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe before being asked if I had inquired about her interested in the Happiest Place on Earth.  In a word … UGH!!!!!!!!!! … really?  Disneyland?  Haven’t I done my penance with respect to this place?  Two trips with our kids.  Must I participate in a third?

Well, actually, it turned out much better than expected, after Twelfth cousin, seventy times removed expressed her strong interest in Disneyland.  But, that’s a story for a different post in the next few days.

Today’s post is about Oak and Gorski.  Imagine if you will, the end of a second day at Disneyland/California Adventure.  Feet are rioting.  Groin is beyond rioting.  I had walked more than I wanted to, but had a great time doing it.  After dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disneyland, the rest of the family ducked into a store to shop, while I made my way slowly back towards the amusement parks.

First, there was the drummer.  Well, talented, but limited because of his dependence on recorded music to do his thing.  Elsewhere, there was a saxophone player.  I like me some sax, but not that night.

What caught my attention was these two guys, standing and signing.

A guitar player.

A cello player!  Let me repeat that   !!!!

These two guys sang such incredible harmonies, great lyrics, the sound of the cello.  After the hustle and bustle of two days in Disneyland and California Adventure, the lines, the crowds, the exhaustion of walking for two days straight, these two guys — Ken Oak and Ed Gorski — provide the perfect antidote.  If I could have, I would have sat and listened until they packed their instruments up and walked away.  Just incredible music.

I will be forever thankful to them for being where they were when they were.

And, yes, I’ve now added the cello to the list of instruments I must try at some point.  Such a beautiful, soulful sound.

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