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Somebody Who Needs Your Help

I’ve been working with another attorney since January. It’s a part-time job that helps cover the bills. The attorney, Julia, is one of those people who attracts friends who become like members of her family. I mentioned in a recent post that one of those friends has a son who was stationed in Kabul and was injured in the terrorist attack at the airport. He is now at Walter Reed Hospital, hopefully getting the best care in the world. His name is Tyler Andrews and he has a long, long, long road ahead of him. To protect his privacy, I won’t go into the litany of his injuries. Suffice it to say, his life will never be the same.

His mom plans on staying near Walter Reed as long as he is there, and once he is released, I’m sure that there will be a lot of work needed to get him healthy and to provide him with a safe environment that meets his needs at home. So … I’m asking you that if you can to please donate to support Tyler and his family as they face a much-changed future.

Warfighter Oversight has established an account in his name for donations. Julia has researched the organization and confirmed taht 100% of what is donated will go to Tyler. Warfighter Oversight does not take a cut for administrative costs or anything else. 100% of your donation will go to Tyler. Here are the details if you are able to help:

You can make a donation using this form on their website.

You can send a donation via Venmo @warfighteroversight. Just make sure to include a note that it is intended for Tyler Andrews.

You can send a check to:

Attn: Joseph Sparks

First Northern Bank

2270 Douglas Blvd Suite 100

Roseville, CA 95661

Make Payable to – Tyler Vargas Andrews

If you can help, please do. From what Julia has told me, Tyler is an an incredible young man with an indomitable fighting spirit. The doctors who treated him when he first arrived in the hospital after the blast didn’t expect him to survive. They have seen him do things that they’ve never seen before. And his progress gives the doctors and his family hope that he will survive. Your donation can help him, not only survive, but thrive in the changed world in which he will live in the years ahead. If you can help … thank you.


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