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I Started A Thing

Over at my “fiction” blog, I posted yesterday and today. Short episodes in a piece that started a couple of weeks ago. When I wrote the first episode in connection with a writing prompt provided by a writing group I’m in, I had no intention of what came next.

But … a couple of months ago, I downloaded the Anchor app on my phone. Created by Spotify, it’s a relatively easy, basic way to create podcasts. While I generally don’t listen to podcasts much, the idea of them intrigues me. I’d love to do a podcast with a few people talking about politics and current events, or a podcast talking sports with a few other knuckleheads, or, as I’ve now started, a podcast sharing some of my written work. Or all of the above. I enjoy talking about various things with different people and podcasts could be an interesting way to branch out and engage in those kinds of conversations.

Over the last week, I started to think about reading some of my stories, recording them, and getting started that way. I was thinking of starting with the handful of shorts that I’ve had published by others. The Ice Cream Man, Gramps’ Record Player, The Smokers’ Club, and Sunbaked Sand to start with. I was all ready to give it a try with Ice Cream until I thought of this flash piece I had just written (and another one I wrote the week before). I kicked them around and decided on the piece that is featured in the first episode. And then I was going to be done until I found another piece to record, but Berthold said he wanted to know what happened next, so I wrote and recorded episode two today. I’m hoping to continue with short episodes until the story reaches its ending, whatever that may be.

You can go to and find the episodes there and explore other things I’ve written and posted. Or if you have Spotify, search for Mark Paxson and click on the Podcast titled Slice of Life Stories. Or, you can just click here for episode #1:

And here for episode #2:

According to the Anchor App, by publishing via their app, this podcast is available on all sorts of other platforms. I don’t use any platforms other than Spotify, so I have no idea if it really is available, or how to access them on those other platforms. Well, hold on a sec … I decided to check the ITunes store and I can’t find my podcast there. But … there is another podcast available on ITunes that has the exact same name!!! Sigh. Gonna have to change that. Anybody got any suggestions?

Let me know what you think if you give it a listen, but go easy on me. I’m new to this and am starting slow.

2 responses to “I Started A Thing

  1. TamrahJo August 27, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    I struggle to adjust to the ‘podcast’ way of things/audible books – but promise, will bookmark to ‘try and listen’ and give feedback – cuz really? ONLY because I LIKE you that MUCH!!! LOL. My personal FAVE podcasters? Are the ones that share podcast along with Transcript/Script read – so I can just read it – LOL. I may change my mind/way of being should I go blind – but until then? Well…I do have my preferences!! LOL

    • kingmidget August 27, 2021 at 4:39 pm

      I’m not much of an auditory person, as much as I like to listen to music. But with music, it’s frequently background noise where my listening goes in and out. Podcasts and audiobooks are problematic for me because sporadic listening doesn’t do a person any good. Fortunately, at leaset so far, my episodes are very short so a long auditory attention span is not needed. 😉

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