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Running the “Philly Special” in our Search for the perfect Cuban sandwich

Sorryless has a few things to say about a couple of classic sandwiches and has found perfect examples of them.

Be Sorry . . . Less


With apologies to W.C. Fields, it had to be Philadelphia.

Over the last several months, our search for the perfect Cubano saw me and Linds B make our way through a solidly righteous collection of foodie towns from Harrisburg and Reading to Lancaster and Elizabethtown. But when we decided it was high time to get back to it and finish this search, it had to be the biggest town in the commonwealth . . where football and food reign supreme.


If you’re not from the state, you just don’t understand how unfair it is that Philly has been subject to typecasting more often than Will Smith (Shout out to West Philadelphia on that one . .). The real deal truth is that cheesesteaks are nothing more than a starting point. Because this town can hold its own with any city under the flag it made famous when it comes to…

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One response to “Running the “Philly Special” in our Search for the perfect Cuban sandwich

  1. Sorryless June 29, 2018 at 6:40 pm


    Thank you so very much for the re-blog!

    Peace and good sammys

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