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More Finished Business

It’s getting boring, but yes, this is about Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

The series was the beginning of the end of my fandom of Mr. King.  A couple of months ago, with the impending release of a movie based on the series, I decided to try the story again.  It didn’t go well.

But I was still intrigued by the movie.  Maybe, just maybe, it might be good.  The Queen Midget will be off visiting one of the little princes in a week or so.  I told her I was going to see two movies while she was gone.  Movies she wouldn’t necessarily want to see.  Dunkirk and The Dark Tower.

Now, I’ve read my first review of the movie.

I think I’ll skip it and just see Dunkirk.  First of all — it was a thing I wondered — how do you condense a seven book series into a movie.  I thought the movie would likely be a little long.  Maybe 2 1/2 hours.  At least.  Nawp.  95 minutes.  First sign of a major problem.

Second, Roland of Gilead in King’s story is clearly a white man.  In the movie, he’s black. Not a huge deal, but … why?

Second, the review makes clear that the main characters of the books are condensed into only a few in the movie, and many events in the books are condensed and modified as well.  On some level, that’s to be expected.  But from the review it sounds like the movie has modified the tale so much that it really isn’t The Dark Tower as King envisioned it in his epic that took over 30 years to write.  And that’s a shame.

No matter how disgusted I am by how the tale ended, there are still fundamental parts of it that shouldn’t be condensed and ignored and disappeared in the course of turning the thing into a movie.  The reality is that nobody should have tried to make the thing into a movie because it is so voluminous and full of characters, events, and … well, so much.  To do the story justice really requires a number of movies.  One movie trying to tell this story will utterly fail.

On to Dunkirk I go.


2 responses to “More Finished Business

  1. Cayman Thorn August 4, 2017 at 5:23 am

    Dunkirk was intense. Nolan did I masterful job- I think- of piecing the story together in an unconventional way.

  2. turnipsforbreakfast August 4, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I never got into that king novel, although it seems to be critically acclaimed.

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