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Go Deeper

I posted this picture a day or so ago.


It’s part of my on-going “A Moment” series — when I’m out and about and find a picture I want to share.  Nothing more than that.  A moment of beauty.  A moment of peace.  A moment.  That’s all.

A regular reader  commented on the picture that it reminder her of this:

Gray Weather


It is true that, older than man and ages to outlast him, the Pacific surf
Still cheerfully pounds the worn granite drum;
But there’s no storm; and the birds are still, no song; no kind of excess;
Nothing that shines, nothing is dark;
There; is neither joy nor grief nor a person, the sun’s tooth
sheathed in cloud,
And life has no more desires than a stone.
The stormy conditions of time and change are all abrogated, the essential
Violences of survival, pleasure,
Love, wrath and pain, and the curious desire of knowing, all perfectly
In the cloudy light, in the timeless quietness,
One explores deeper than the nerves or heart of nature, the womb or soul,
To the bone, the careless white bone, the excellence.

— Robinson Jeffers
I’m glad a picture I posted here could create a connection to words as stark and beautiful as this.  I’ll be studying this poem in the days ahead.  Over and over again.  Trying to solve its riddle.

One response to “Go Deeper

  1. TamrahJo April 19, 2017 at 12:03 am

    Beautiful pic and commented poem!

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