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Am I Missing Something?

What follows is the FB dialogue I had tonight on somebody’s FB post that didn’t like the idea that California is considering an increase in gasoline taxes to help meet the transportation infrastructure needs of the state.  The first comment “More taxes” is from the “friend” who initiated the post.  Is there something I’m missing here.  Both Juan and Brian have gone remarkably quiet.

[An Update:  This post and the comment thread was deleted from FB.  Love it when people can’t stand to be challenged on their uninformed beliefs.]

More taxes…

Brian Weissensee More money to reallocate.
Mark Paxson How would you propose our serious infrastructure needs be met?
Juan M Mendoza Like every business must do to make ends meet. Budget cuts
Mark PaxsonYou mentioned that in another post a few weeks ago, I asked you what you would cut. You didn’t respond. Here’s your chance … what would you cut? Just so you know, I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I work in government, in the belly of the beast, and there’s plenty of things that could be cut. There are priorities that could be re-organized. But it’s easy to say “budget cuts” it’s harder to identify what exactly should be cut.
Brian Weissensee We continue to pass bond measures for this, and yet the money never goes where we’re promised it will. This has been going on for decades and that alone is why we’re in trouble now. Meanwhile, undocumented persons get better college assistance from the state than my daughter, and access to free healthcare, food, housing, etc. What about us? Those who’s forebears came here via the letter of the law? What about Americans?
Mark Paxson Please provide examples of bond measures passed by the voters in which the money didn’t go where it was supposed to go. This is actually something I know quite a bit about and I’d love to hear your specifics. I’d also like to hear a concrete example of what you describe about illegal immigrants and them getting better college assistance than your daughter. I agree that is wrong if it’s happening, but I’d like specifics.
Brian Weissensee Last year one was passed, midterms. If you know as much as you say you would know this. On the other, many articles have been published and I work with a kid who’s girlfriend is illegal and riding free at Cal. Do some research. You clearly don’t know enough yet.
Mark Paxson Brian Weissensee And you clearly don’t have any specifics to back up your claims. Sorry, but you’re the one who made those claims. It’s not my responsibility to dig up the facts to support your claims. “One was passed, midterms” — doesn’t even mean anything. Are you referring to a bond measure? If so, which one? We can go from there.

Brian Weissensee…/undocumented-student-tuition…

Not the free part, but here’s how they put it in range for the other grants to make it free

Mark Paxson Brian Weissensee $8.4 million in loans to illegal immigrants and another $2 million or so in grants. On an annual basis. Do you have any idea how much the UC system gives to citizens in terms of loans or grants? If not, it’s somewhat difficult to claim they get better assistance than citizens.
Mark Paxson Brian Weissensee If a child is brought to this country illegally by his or her parents and lives here for much of their childhood, would you deport them because of the actions of their parents?
Brian Weissensee You’re the one challenging. Get digging or stfu as the kids say now.
Mark Paxson So, in other words, you provide ABSOLUTELY no facts or evidence to back up your claims and I’m supposed to disprove what you think. Sorry, that’s called ridiculous. Clearly, you don’t believe you should be challenged on your views. You believe what you believe. Good, meanwhile in the world of reality, a lot of what you believe is completely crap.
Mark Paxson Brian Weissensee Regarding your sharing of the TruthRevolt piece … strange, I thought we were talking about California.
Mark PaxsonBrian Weissensee It’s real simple … provide me an example of a bond measure that was passed that resulted in bond proceeds being spent on something other than what was intended. You made the claim. Surely, you must have a specific example that backs it up. Right?

5 responses to “Am I Missing Something?

  1. Sreejit Poole March 30, 2017 at 2:17 am

    Yeah, we all pretty much are just echoing whatever talking heads we are listening to, forgetting that much of it can liberally be labeled as “entertainment” or more properly as propaganda.

    • kingmidget March 30, 2017 at 6:34 am

      It’s the thing that frustrates me about the state of political debate these days. Far too many people think what they think and refuse to believe they have to back those beliefs up with actual fact and logic.

  2. Kevin Brennan March 30, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Incredible. It’s clear that a lot of people believe things because they “feel true.” And these days, anything negative about immigrants “feels true” to a certain crowd.

    I admire your calm, steady tone in the back-and-forth!

    • kingmidget March 30, 2017 at 8:10 am

      In a comment that came after what I posted here, I posted a link to the UC proposed budget for 16-17 that shows the combined federal, state, and UC financial aid to UC students is north of $2 billion a year. It was after that that the thread was deleted from FB 😉

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