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The Rain Falls

… inspired by Pinklightsabre, who I can’t hold a candle to in these types of things…

I lay in my son’s room this morning in the hours before the sun rose, wishing I could sleep more.  I wake these days far earlier than I’d like.  This morning it was 5:00 a.m. and I didn’t need to get ready for work for two hours.  I made my way to my son’s old room where I keep my laptop and a blanket this week.

My mother-in-law is with us for the week.  She sleeps downstairs and I don’t want to disturb her.  I also want to walk around in the dark hours in my t-shirt and underwear without giving her a fright.  To my son’s room I went.

I read the paper on-line, did a few other things.  An hour passed.  I had another hour to go. Closing my laptop, I settled into the warm cocoon of the blanket and closed my eyes hoping I might find a few more moments of sleep before dragging myself out of the bed to dress and head to work.

In the fitful sleep that followed, the rains began to fall.  Fed by the wind, lashing the window.  In stiller moments, dripping on the roof outside his window.  And in other moments, gushing through the gutter that runs near the window of his room.

In the room where I sleep, I don’t hear most of these noises.  I sleep further away from the windows and really only hear the generalized sound of rain falling when the storms arrive.

In my in and out haze, I wondered what he thought of those noises for the dozen years he slept in the same spot.  Did it keep him awake?  Lull him to sleep?  Did he even notice?

My son and I are struggling these days.  He, with what it means to grow up and become an adult.  Me, with the patience needed to deal with his struggles.

I wondered, as I lay there this morning.  In that hour between darkness and light, as the rain fell and provided an orchestra of sounds, if there was something there that could solve the riddle of my son and I.  I’ll take the solution now.  Please.



One response to “The Rain Falls

  1. pinklightsabre December 24, 2016 at 9:13 am

    You can hold a candle to me anytime you want. Thanks Mark for the shout-out, glad it inspired an introspective piece. I love that time in bed like you describe, but I prefer it of course (who doesn’t?) when I don’t have to get up. There’s something to those introspective hours though, glad you went inside it and took us with you, and wishing you strength as you work through those times with your son. All the best, Bill

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