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Spotify Knows Me

I’ve been a huge fan of Spotify for several years now.  For $10 a month I can pretty much listen to whatever I want.  Plus there are all sorts of features that allow me to find new artists and new music.  And I have certainly found some incredible music because of Spotify.

A few days ago, a new playlist showed up on my Spotify app.  Your Top Songs for 2016.  I’ve tossed around (in my head) how to share this playlist here.

And I’ll do it like this.  There was this thing that happened to me a few years ago that made me pay attention to the words of songs more than I had ever done before.  Ever since then, I’ve been attracted to songs with a certain mood and a certain feel.  The list of songs Spotify tells me are my top songs for 2016 reinforces this.

I looked at the top songs on the list and realized that they said something about me and where I am.

And that I need to make some changes.  (A concept I’ve touched on here on my blog off an on over the years I’ve occupied this corner of the internet, but not much lately.)



This blog is going quiet for now.  The vast majority of songs on my Spotify 2016 list are sad.  They are yearning.  They are about things lost or never found.  There is a reason for this.  And it’s time for me to change the mood.  The feel.  Of my life.

Here’s the list from Spotify.  It’s not the entire list of songs and not every song fits what I’ve just described.  But … well … go to YouTube, search for a few of these, and you’ll understand.

Like Rock and Roll and the Radio — Ray LaMontagne

Time — Griffin House

The Pretender — Jackson Browne

Older Chests — Damien Rice

My Body — Young the Giant (Okay, this is likely the song that doesn’t fit here just because of the energy of the song.  Just absolutely love the energy … and maybe it’s that energy I need to capture.)

You Are the Best Thing — Ray LaMontagne

Only Love Remains — Griffin House

Goodbye — Mick Flannery

Sky Blue and Black — Jackson Browne

There’s No Leaving Now — Tallest Man on Earth

No Envy No Fear — Joshua Radin

Trouble — Ray LaMontagne

Thinking Out Loud — Ed Sheeran

Real Love Can’t Pretend — Griffin House


You might ask what does this list have to do with my blog going quiet.  Well, you know, it’s just about rewiring myself.  It is about, as Kevin Brennan said a few weeks ago … it’s about kicking the squid.  It’s about winning the day.  Every day.  It’s about ending the wallowing.  It’s about saying enough is enough.

I started this blog around five years ago.  I really started blogging in earnest about six months after that.  I have read a lot of incredible bloggers, some incredible people, some talented people, some people I’d love to meet in person and make a part of my circle.

But, you know, I just need to try something different.  I need to kick the squid.  I spend too much time, waste too much time, here and on Facebook and other websites, and surfing the internet because that’s easier than trying to get something done.  Internet time takes away from what’s real and what matters.  (Not that none of you matter, it just kind of needs to change.  I need to stop yearning and stop so much.)

It starts now.  I’m gone for awhile.  Not here on my blog.  Not reading your blogs, if you have one.  I’m just taking a break.  Re-wiring.  Kicking the squid.  Figuring things out.


3 responses to “Spotify Knows Me

  1. cinthiaritchie December 15, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Good for you! I’ll miss your posts but love that you’re “kicking the squid.” The internet does detract from what is real. I’ve been avoiding Facebook for the most part, and Twitter too, and haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been too busy writing assignments, which is a thorny blessing. Hope you have a nice stretch of introspective time. Yearning is good but doing is so, so much better. Good luck! I’ll be sending you good writing and running energy and heck, even some moose energy, too. P.S. The dog and I were chased by a teenage moose last week. Wild!

  2. Kevin Brennan December 16, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Interesting that you’ve been at this for five years, Mark. I have a five-year plan in mind, but sometimes it feels like I’m not gonna make it! I’ve watched you go through a lot of phases here since I’ve been following you, but this seems like a true turning point.

    Also interesting that I don’t know a lot of the music on your playlist. I’ll have to do some digging!

    Hoping that 2017 is your year of contentment …

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