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It’s Not Just Talk

I’ll spare you the details of Trump’s latest.  What I see this morning in the Trump apologists corner is that it’s just talk and a lot of men (most men? all men?) talk like this in the gym and in the quiet of those guy-to-guy conversations.  And that while Trump just talked about this stuff,  Bill Clinton was actually doing bad things to women.

(I’m going to generally ignore the suggestion that a lot of men talk like this except to say that I’m pretty sure that I have never said anything to anybody about grabbing a woman’s pussy and have never heard those words come out of any male friend’s mouth.)

So, go watch the video or read the transcript of his comments.  Pay attention.  It isn’t just talk.  It’s not just him fantasizing about what he’d like to do to attractive women.  It is him describing what he actually does when he sees attractive women.  Because he just can’t help himself.  And because he’s famous he gets away with it all of the time.

And why else do we know it’s not just talk.  Because there are a number of women who have described interactions with Trump that are eerily similar to what he said in that video.  Here’s one.  The story related in the linked piece is about an incident that happened in 2010 — five years after the “vulgar” video and five years into the Donald’s current marriage.  There are others and they aren’t hard to find.  And all of their descriptions of his behavior came out before this video ever appeared.  So, you can’t say they’re just jumping on the bandwagon created by the video.

And here is what he is describing.  Here is what he says he does.  He sexually assaults women.

If you vote for Trump, I will never understand how you can look your wife, mother, daughter, sister, or any other woman in the face again.

I’ve written about the fact that I do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton.  The more I read and hear about Trump, the more I reconsider that choice — the man must be defeated in the most resounding fashion possible.

But I still hesitate.  Now I’m thinking of writing somebody’s name in.  Anybody out there want my vote for President?


11 responses to “It’s Not Just Talk

  1. Kevin Brennan October 8, 2016 at 8:01 am

    Stick it to Trump by voting for a woman. Hmmm, who can we think of? 😉

  2. pinklightsabre October 8, 2016 at 8:20 am

    I feel besmirched by it, as if we weren’t already by having him represent our country. I am happy to see the Republican response. I am happy for the footage. I am going to collect firewood now and enjoy the gray aspect of a quiet Saturday morning in the PNW. Peace to you and yours Mark.

  3. coastalmom October 8, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Soooo… I am going to ramble here… trying to work this out in my own head. I really don’t know what to think now. As always I love your views. They are not without great wit and I love that.
    Anywaaaay, Sorry to disappoint you but I am annoyed that this has become such a personality smear on both sides. I mean even sweet Nancy Kerrigan tarnished her silver image when she got caught saying she thought it was corny or dumb or whatever. I am not making excuses but I bet even back in the George Washington Days if they had the technology we have today, they wouldn’t be too proud of some of the things they caught saying. And as for being proud of our past presidents. Sorry, Regan is the only one that comes to mind and I am sure he wasn’t perfect. And wasn’t it Hillary’s husband that got caught with his pants down (Literally) and then lied about it? Okay, okay, that has been beat into the ground. But seriously why are we pulling the morality card now? IF that is what the people wanted they had much better choices on both sides other than Hillary and Trump. It is what it is. We can go dig out more and more crap. And unfortunately they are going to and we are going to have to hear it. My frustration is that no one is going to be perfect (at least no human alive today.) for the job. They are all going to have a closet full of bones. And I am tired of hearing the smear campaigns and not impressed with the character of either candidate.
    By the way I like Rosie! And thought it was over when Trump took valuable time to look like an idiot in that moment. I mean what are we nine? But I want new blood in office. I want to see what someone else totally not in politics can do. The Clintons had their moments… eight years of them. And I don’t see anything for the better. I mean for heaven sakes… Bill was almost impeached. But didn’t we all look the other way because it was “personal”?? Trump has made some mistakes. Some doozies! But I have hope that someone like him who has had to apologize over and over again… is a work in progress. The video portrays a definite blown up ego. He has to answer to more than his own conscience now and hopefully he is learning and will continue to learn. I don’t think Hillary is in that same mind-frame and it worries me. The truths come out in relation to Trump and he apologizes until the next time. Hillary has played the political game for so long. Who knows what is real? At least with Donald. what you see is what you get… not that THAT is much of a comfort either.. But Hillary scares me.

    • kingmidget October 8, 2016 at 11:04 am

      You’d be amazed at how much I agree with in your comment. You don’t have to apologize about being tired of the smear campaign. I’m tired of that as well.

      What the media gives us when it comes to presidential politics is neverending coverage of the polls (who’s ahead now) and dredging up dirt. There is very little in the media about actual substance, policies, and positions.

      That said … this is about more than morality. I don’t care if somebody has an affair. That’s between that person and their spouse. But I do care about how candidates perceive other people.

      And what is clear to me is that Trump has absolutely no respect for anybody. He doesn’t respect women. They are objects for his gratification. They are here to serve a purpose for him. And that’s really him in a nutshell. He views people in terms of what they can do for him.

      And at the age of 70 I don’t think calling him a work in progress is valid. This is who he is. This is how he has lived his life for decades. This is the fundamental nature of the man. It is only about him and his ego.

      I think you know this already, but I’ll say it again. I’m not voting for Clinton either. I’m no fan of hers. It’s not because of the email (all elected officials and high level government officials use personal email for work purposes — the Bush Administration used the Republican National Committee’s server and email system to conduct official business and “lost” 22 million emails doing so). But nobody cared about that. Benghazi was a tragedy, but during the Bush Administration, something like a dozen embassies were attacked. But nobody cared about that. In a lot of ways, Hillary is being held to a higher standard than anybody else ever has been.

      I have my reasons for wanting her to leave the political stage. Part of it is as you say, we need new blood. I am tired of the Bushes and the Clintons playing such a central role in our national politics. Since 1980, there has been only one Presidential election (2012) where there was no Clinton or Bush. That’s just stunning.

      But what I’ll never understand is how people can look at Trump as a viable option. He’s an egotistical blowhard who has created an elaborate tale of a success that may or may not be actual reality and he knows so little about the world. That’s danger right there.

      So, can I write your name in on my Presidential ballot?

      Thank you for continuing to read and engage in this discussion.

      • coastalmom October 8, 2016 at 11:43 am

        NO! Lol. Don’t waste your vote on me!!!!! You might as well vote on Walt Disney who by the way probably would have given both a run for their money!!!!!!
        Don’t give up on voting and I mean making it count one way or the other!!! You are too brilliant to throw in the towel now. My daughter challenged me to think for myself and I am doing just that. Heck she got me to buy into konmari and give away over a dozen bags full of clothes (you should see me closet! – look it up lol.)
        Anyway I took it seriously and am not giving up without a fight.
        As for the horrible video (and it was horrible) I really would love to have every guy out there that has never bantered in a locker room like that and puffed up their egos bragging and degrading women… and women doing the same about guys. All you have to do is turn on the TV now days and it’s no different. This was almost a dozen years ago. I remember an amazing churchgoing man that I loved dearly that used to comment on every woman’s “knockers” or legs that he admired. I asked his wife who I also loved if it bothered her and she laughed and said “Nahhh that’s just Bob.” I totally didn’t like it and thought it was degrading and rude – but it didn’t seem to bother her.
        I guess my point is. We really don’t know how the other guy talks unless they run for president or some office and the other guy doesn’t have enough on their own policies so they have to lower themselves and find the personal stuff. I GET it! I want a president more like Billy Graham (who by the way was a Democrat!!) And who has good ethics and doesn’t lie. But I also want someone with new and different policies… like you mentioned. What about the policies? Why are we not talking about those?
        What do you think about Pence? Too bad it wasn’t reversed. Ya know?

      • kingmidget October 8, 2016 at 12:57 pm

        On my way to Berkeley for a concert. More tomorrow after I get back.

      • kingmidget October 9, 2016 at 4:39 pm

        I believe that if all the people who are disgusted with the two major party options did something different — didn’t vote, voted for a 3rd party, voted for each other, voted for Bozo Clown — it may just send a message that enough is enough. Only that won’t happen.

        There’s a difference between what the entertainment industry provides us and the example we set by our President and who we elect to lead us. And, just for the record, I’m pretty disgusted with the entertainment industry and the complete lack of any standards or conscience with respect to what they put out there for kids to consume in movies, music, and tv.

        As for Pence … here’s where you and I likely differ. I’m a liberal Democrat. There’s no way around that and he is far too different from me on the issues for me to consider him as a candidate. He may be a good and honest man but his politics are too far afield from my own.

        As for if the ticket had been reversed … I have been saying for months that the irony is that the Dems nominated the one person who couldn’t trounce Trump in a cakewalk and the Republicans nominated the one person who could trounce Clinton in a cakewalk. They really have given us the bottom of the barrel.

  4. Amy Reese October 8, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Now low can Trump go? I don’t see how be can get much lower and then something else is dug up. I’d vote for you, Mark!

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