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Sometimes It’s Just Kind of a Gobsmack

According to Business Insider, the losses Donald Trump claimed in 1995 constituted 2% of the entire amount of net operating losses claimed in individual tax returns for that year.  Yes, that’s right.  In the entire country for that year, one man claimed 2% of all net operating losses claimed on all tax returns filed that year.  And he’s a successful business.

As a result of campaign disclosure requirements he has disclosed that he has at least five loans in excess of $50 million each.  But he does not have to disclose who those loans are with.  There is a significant amount of reporting that U.S. banks simply will not lend the man money anymore.  One wonders why if he is such a successful business man.  So, if American banks will no longer lend money to him, who is it that has lent him these large sums of money?  He doesn’t have to tell us.  But shouldn’t we know if he wants to be President?

Apparently, we know that at least two of those loans are with Deutsche Bank — an entity that is involved in a nasty fight with U.S. regulators.  One wonders if those regulators would be so interested in going after the bank if the President had over $100 million in loans with said bank?

The interesting thing is, whatever you think about Hillary’s activities with the speeches and the Clinton Foundation and the donations — all of that is public and is known.  What isn’t known is who Donald Trump owes money to.  What isn’t known is who has an interest in his businesses.

Shouldn’t you know those things before you vote for him.




4 responses to “Sometimes It’s Just Kind of a Gobsmack

  1. Trent Lewin October 7, 2016 at 2:43 am

    I sat down with my son before the first debate and said hey, let’s look at this figure out what’s on the ledger (pros/cons) for each of these candidates. It’s amazing how different that list is, and when you kind of weight the stuff people level against Hilary, it really doesn’t amount to much in my opinion. They seem to pin stuff on her for reasons I can’t define (is it because she’s a woman and it’s easier to go after little niggly things than just to flat-out say that people don’t want a woman as President? I dunno. Of course some people believe stuff sticking to her is more than niggly, but I have hard time understanding what those big things are non-immersed in the conversation as I am). Anyway. it was a fun exercise. Trump is a dickless fuck-tard, and an impending disaster if voted in. We don’t need a disaster, please and thank you.

    • kingmidget October 7, 2016 at 6:36 am

      The election of Bill Clinton in 1992 set off something dark and unseemly in the right-wing of American politics and now almost 25 years later, it continues and grows. She is just the latest victim of that unseemly thing.

  2. Kevin Brennan October 7, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Sounds like you’re making the case to vote for HC after all!

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