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A Little Bit of This and of That

Adele finally released her full album, 25, on the streaming services.  Having converted entirely to Spotify a couple of years ago (yes, I have written about this before), I didn’t buy her CD, pay for any downloads of the songs, or do much of anything else.  Well, except that I continued to listen to Spotify every day, at work, at home, on my runs, and every in between.  What her refusal to release her full album on Spotify did this — earned her exactly zero dollars from me, and probably thousands and thousands of listeners around the world, and deprived her of the royalties she would have earned from Spotify for the millions of listens that didn’t occur.  Between Hello and When We Were Young, Spotify listeners have listened to those two songs almost 700,000,000 times since they were released.  Imagine how many hundreds of millions more listens paying her royalties would have occurred in the last few months if she had released the whole thing.

I get that the music industry is changing and that streaming services may not pay artists what they think they deserve for their art.  Believe me, as a self-published author forced to sell e-books for .99 a download, I get it.  But there’s a fundamental difference between music and books.  Good songs get played over and over and over again and royalties paid by the listen will add up to much more than what a singer gets from a download of an album’s worth of songs.  Guaranteed that I would have listened to Adele belt these songs out hundreds and hundreds of times in the last few months.  And I will include them in my listening library for months and years into the future.  The shortsightedness of the artists who insist on making this statement continues to amaze me.

Which brings me to Neil Young.  He has some of my most favorite of all songs in his catalog.  Here’s one.


When I first heard of Spotify and started exploring it, I was in a bit of a Neil Young thing and his entire catalog was available on the service.  The entire thing.  And if you know anything about the man, you understand what that means.  It was all there.  The beautiful and the not so beautiful — of which there is a lot.  Neil Young is an artist who fascinates me because the wide range of what he has tried to do over the years and the hit or miss results that come with it.

The great thing about having his entire catalog on Spotify was that I could explore it without spending a lot of money on CDs or downloads.  I could listen to the songs I enjoyed over and over and over again.  And ignore the rest.

Until he decided to develop his own high def audio listening device and yank everything (except for four albums from the 90’s) he has done from the streaming services and pretty much everywhere else.  As near as I can tell, the only way to buy and listen to his music now is to buy one of his $400 Pono listening devices and buying the music from his website.  The music certainly isn’t available on Spotify anymore.  Which means … he’ll never make anymore money off of me.  He may not care about that, but it’s a shame that he has decided to make it so difficult for people to listen to his art.  Seems kind of counter-productive to me.

* * * * * *

I’d like to understand why running and walking cause different aches and pains.  On one level, I kind of get it, but it still really doesn’t make much sense.  I’ve been running for over ten years now and it causes aches and pains in certain places during and after runs.  My knees, a muscle in my right thigh, sometimes my feet.  At the beginning of runs, my calves are always tight.  And unless I run for a longer difference, things are pretty good a few hours afterwards.

Today, I went on an eight-mile river walk/hike.  During the hike, nothing really hurt and no calf tightness.  The only thing I really noticed was some weakness in my right hip, particularly towards the end and I was going uphill.  But afterwards?  Sheesh, both of my hips were just tired and worn out and tight.  I just went eight miles at a reasonable pace.  This makes no sense to me.  If I jog eight miles, some other things will be tired and achy, but not my hips.

By the way, this walk was the first of a number of long walks in my future if I do what I hope to do.  There is a trail that winds along the South Fork of the American River from Folsom Lake to Coloma, where gold was discovered in 1848.  It’s 25 miles long.  I’ve decided I want to walk the length of the trail in two or three months.  This is the first step.  Every couple of weeks I’m going to walk the trail, adding about five miles each time until I’ve walked from beginning to end.

Wish me luck!

Here’s where the trail starts.  Down by that bridge.  (Here’s hoping I’ll show you where the trail ends in a couple of months)…



13 responses to “A Little Bit of This and of That

  1. S.K. Nicholls June 25, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    Good luck on your trail walk and find some gold. 😉

  2. Audrey Driscoll June 25, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    Maybe it’s because you usually run on level surfaces (pavement), but trail walking involves more twists and turns, climbing over roots and rocks and steeper grades. Different demands on the muscles, etc. Do you notice a difference between running and long walks in the same sort of terrain you run on? Happy walking, in any case.

    • kingmidget June 25, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      Yes. A couple of years ago when an injury prevented me from running, I spent a few weekends going for long walks in the neighborhood. Same routes that I had been running. The longer walks then had much the same effect as today’s hike.

      Although I do agree with you the the ups and downs of a hike in the foothills would logically have a different impact than a run over flat terrain.

      Thank you for the good luck wishes. I’ll need it.

  3. Sreejit Poole June 25, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    Do you have someone drop you off and pick you up? Or do you have to walk back to your car each time? That is pretty funny about Neil Young. Maybe he’s trying to become a technological entrepreneur and wants to start the next latest thing…

    • kingmidget June 26, 2016 at 6:42 am

      Right now, I’m walking out a certain distance and then going back. So, yesterday, it was four miles out and then back. In a couple of weeks, I’ll head out six or seven miles and then back. But once I think I can do the full 25 miles, I’ll need somebody to pick me up at the end.

      Regarding Neil Young. On the one hand I get it, the sound quality of recorded music is getting worse and worse. And I applaud him for his efforts to reverse that, but it seems a lot of his effort is really a self-inflicted wound.

  4. Amy Reese June 25, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    Wow, 25 miles! That’s quite a distance. I did a short run/walk today and my foot hurts. I felt no pain during either! I thought all was going well until the pain. Stretching can’t hurt. I’m going to try that. Good luck on the trail!

    • kingmidget June 26, 2016 at 6:44 am

      We’ll see if I make the full 25 miles. After just eight miles, my hips tightened up afterwards and today my old gluteus maximi are sore.

      But I’m going to try it and see what happens.

      It is weird how things can seem fine during the walk/run and then afterwards something hurts that didn’t bother you at all during the effort.

  5. MamaMickTerry June 26, 2016 at 4:19 am

    You hit some of my big questions, too! My hips hurt more when I walk than when I run, and I’m still bummed that it’s so hard to find Prince on Spotify, too.
    That trail looks amazing! Gonna lace up my shoes right now, and find a trail of my own 🙂

  6. Kevin Brennan June 26, 2016 at 6:50 am

    We walk along the South Fork a lot up here, in the Cronin and Magnolia Ranch areas. You’re gonna love it! You definitely see the river. That stretch down by Salmon Falls looks a tad bleak, though. And this time of year — hot!

    • kingmidget June 26, 2016 at 6:56 am

      Good to know that if I keep walking, I’ll get to the river! I have this feeling if I had just kept going, I might have got there in another mile or so.

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