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On Living and Dying Day 9 by Mark Paxson

Sreejit Poole is hosting a project on Living and Dying. Here’s my contribution…

The Seeker's Dungeon

Lessons and Living

by Mark Paxson aka KingMidget of King Midget Ramblings

I met Jon in kindergarten. I have no memory of that meeting, but the class picture proves we were in the same kindergarten class. In the years that followed, we traveled in the same circle of boys who roamed our neighborhood on bikes, played baseball in the spring and summer, and football in the fall and winter. We went to each other’s birthday parties and those of our other friends. But I don’t know that we were particularly close. We were just in the same circle of friends, and at some point we grew slightly apart.

In high school we re-connected when we were on the high school newspaper staff for a couple of years. After graduation we remained friends, developing a good friendship within the circle of a larger group of college friends with whom we spent…

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