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One More For a Wednesday Night

I’m growing weary of the constant push and pull over police killings.  But this one is pretty stunning to me . and seems to provide pretty concrete evidence that the police officer’s story doesn’t quite add up.  I’ll concede that videos don’t necessarily tell the entire story and that’s impossible to know what is in the officer’s mind at the moment, but …

He says he was in fear for his safety and that of his fellow officers.  Yet, no other officer fired their gun one single time during the incident.  Yet, the suspect was armed only with a knife and he was at least ten feet away from any police officer.  He was not threatening any of them.  Did not make any move towards any of them.  And depending on how you view the videotape, the first shot was fired when he was continuing to try to walk away from the officers.

And then, while he lay on the ground after being hit by numerous bullets from the officer’s gone, because he flinched, he was shot again.  Watch the video (as painful as it is).  Read the article and the various descriptions.  Does what the police officer claim make sense?

There simply is nothing that justifies this officer’s actions.  There are other alternatives to killing a suspect in such circumstances.  Even if he has to fire his gun, an officer should be able to do so in a non-lethal way.  But sixteen bullets hit this kid — yes, he was a kid, he was 17 years old.  Sixteen bullets.  And I’ll bet money this officer will be acquitted.  Any amount you want to wager.

Far too frequently, the response of police officers seems to be to fire first and justify later.  Frequently with claims that aren’t supported by the facts, particularly once a video shows up.

Yet another thing going on in this country that makes me wonder if we’re reaching some climactic moment.


3 responses to “One More For a Wednesday Night

  1. A Passionate Dreamer November 26, 2015 at 2:51 am

    16 times seems a bit much. If it was once I wouldn’t question it but 16 times? You’re right though. You don’t know what was going on in the officers mind. Shooting his gun the first time may have triggered an emotional response and he continued to shoot without realizing? Dk

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