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A Headsmacker

Syria is a quagmire, a pit of quicksand just waiting for a great power to stick its toe in.  One of the things Obama has done that has impressed me is his unwillingness to get too directly involved.  Yes, there are some bombings, and probably some drone strikes, and probably some other things we don’t know about, but for the most part, his response has generally seemed to be “it’s not really our problem and I’m not going to waste our resources and lives on this toxic place.”

And, then, Russia stepped in and, not only dipped it’s toe in the quicksand, it jumped in and started trying to swim across.  You know how hard it is to swim across a pit of quicksand?  Neither do I.  But I’m pretty sure you can’t be successful at it.

Sadly, Obama has now decided he wants to play in the pool as well.  I’m monumentally disappointed at this and feel he has craved to the pressure to appear that he is doing something about this.  I wonder what will happen when one of those Russian bombers manages to bomb a Kurdish area and kills one of our troops.  What then, President Obama?  Did you consider that?  Is this really worth the cost, the risk, and all that can come with it?  I’d suggest it isn’t and that you agreed to this does not speak well of your willingness to stick to your guns (pun intended) and refuse to be drawn into these senseless wars and battles.



2 responses to “A Headsmacker

  1. sknicholls October 31, 2015 at 6:48 am

    We’re far too nosy in the affairs of others. Hasn’t our involvement in the Middle East demonstrated that?

    • kingmidget October 31, 2015 at 7:03 am

      There is no “win” in that corner of the world. I thought Obama was all too happy to let Russia get swallowed up in it. Sadly, it looks like he has been convinced we have to compete for the honor of losing.

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