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Songs For the Day

Went to a concert last night.  It was a fundraiser for breast cancer research.  The name of the concert was Breast Concert Ever.  Performing were Nick Fradiani (apparently he won American Idol 2015 — does that actually matter anymore), Andrew McMahon, Mat Kearney, and Matt Nathanson.  Cost of a ticket was $20.  Wait, you can go to a concert for $20 still?  With four acts?  Something’s wrong here.

Anyway, it was at Cesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento.  The park is basically a one city block square plaza.  There were a few thousand people in attendance having a good time.  The concert lasted 4.5 hours.  I now know that I’m too old to sit on the ground for 4.5 hours.

The biggest attraction for me was Mat Kearney.  Years ago, we went to another concert.  The headliner was INXS.  Other acts included Marty Casey and the Lovehammers.  Scott Stapp going solo from his band, Creed.  And at the very beginning, Mat Kearney, who got the opportunity to play a handful of songs to open things up.  I was immediately a fan of his and have enjoyed his music since.

He was good, as they all were.  It was a great show.  But, you know, I’m the type of person who likes the songs that don’t get played at concerts like this.  So, I’ll share my two favorite Kearney songs here.  I think one of the reasons I like both of these songs is that they tell stories.  I also like the mood of the songs.  They are my type of music.  Only wish he had played one of them last night.  Oh wait, I learned last night that Kearney went to the same college my youngest just started at.  So, yeah, we’re connected!


One response to “Songs For the Day

  1. John Callaghan September 12, 2015 at 10:48 am

    I know the feeling of being to old to sit on the ground for 4.5 hours.

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