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A Bit of an Explanation

I used to write a whole lot and blog a whole lot and then things changed and I stopped writing and stopped blogging as much.  I realized that I didn’t necessarily have something I wanted to share with the world each and every day of my life and decided to start being more selective about what I decide to blog about.

And, as for writing, it’s all a mystery these days.  I feel like I have forgotten how to write.  I feel like my internal editor has taken over my brain and nothing I put into words is anywhere close to good enough for that guy.  I also am not sure what I’m writing for these days.  There are lots of other reasons why I feel my ability to write has seemed to disappear.  But I keep trying.  I keep poking at my several half completed novels.  I haven’t given up.

One of the interesting aspects of this is that after ten years of writing a lot — two novels and dozens of short stories, the short stories seem to have completely dried up.  So, in May I decided to follow along with and try to write a short story each day for a month in honor of Short Story Month.  I did this a few years ago — it’s what produced Shady Acres, a 12,000 word (or so) collection of connected short stories about the residents and employees of an old folks home.

I thought I’d do something similar, but begin it with an old guy who works as a carny and then have each subsequent story be about a side character introduced in the prior story.

I got through two stories and then … just collapsed.  I think I did really, really good with the first two stories, but as I pondered the third story, I just … well, the internal editor showed up and I felt what I was trying to do was utter crap.  So I gave up until the last week or so ago.  I went back to it.  One of the things was that I came up with two different ways to approach story #3.  When I went back to it last week, I decided to combine those two approaches into one story.  It’s done.  And it’s over at

If you’re up to it, check it out.  Give me your honest opinion, if you care to share it.  I want and need nothing other than your honesty.  Thank you in advance if you take the time to read it.


9 responses to “A Bit of an Explanation

  1. Amy Reese July 7, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    Good for you for finishing, Mark. I’m proud of you.

  2. Trent Lewin July 8, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Glad you completed it Mark, and I’m on it. Going to read now.

  3. sknicholls July 8, 2015 at 7:40 am

    I hear you. I’m writing, but without my husband’s support and encouragement I don’t know if I could continue. I write a chapter or two and say, “Eh, mediocre at best.” It’s frustrating when you know you could do better, but for whatever reason, you don’t.

  4. collectivistduck July 9, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Writing is always tough, what objective measure can you use to determine if it’s “good enough”? Sadly it’s not like math, where once you complete a proof it’s either valid or not. Sure you can improve the proof here and there, but the work is done!

    With writing, not so much. Constantly questioning, checking, editing, “should I have done it this way?” who knows! It is clear you are a great writer, keeping at it is the hard part after filling yourself up with so much doubt!

  5. Ike Jakson July 10, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Good morning Great King

    I like the “work in progress” bit and congratulate you on the use of it. All life should be that; few words can mean a lot so I shall leave further rambling aside.

    Are you a farmer?


    • kingmidget July 11, 2015 at 5:55 am

      Not a farmer, other than a small vegetable patch in the back yard, a small strip of blackberry vines and a couple of fruit trees. As for “work in progress” — people who don’t recognize that about themselves have either stopped living or don’t really have a clue about it all, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Ike Jakson July 11, 2015 at 6:18 am

        Great King

        You mustn’t mind my name changes. I love doing it; is part of my weirdness.

        But I don’t argue, raise differences or joke with people who are ambulating dead bodies inside. So you may take my approach as a compliment. I am pleased our paths crossed and, with your permission would like to see how far we get.

        My curiosity then; where is this little place with the fruit trees? That’s about what I have except my vines are real grapes. I travelled the States extensively by motor home from 1981 to 2000;’ from 1990 I had my own Southwind Jamboree that I parked in Hiram GA when I was away; eventually gave it to the guy who had cared for it. My eye had packed up then and though I only realized it when I got back that last year that my days of travelling were done.

        Ike Jakson
        In Americus GA saka Americoon [that’s a long story]

        PS: Do you have some sippin whiskey [called Jack Daniel] on occasion?

      • kingmidget July 11, 2015 at 8:39 am

        I live in California in a tract home in suburban hell. We have a peach tree, cherry tree, and tangerine tree. Tomato plants, jalapeños, strawberries, blackberries, lemon cucumbers, artichoke hearts, herbs, and zucchini in the garden. Not much of any one thing, but enough to give us some garden grown produce in the summer.

        One of my ideas for when I retire is to get an RV and travel the country. Not sure I’m going to do it though.

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