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The McKinney pool party: What happens when fear meets force

I’ve had mixed emotions about the latest white cop on black victim story coming out of McKinney. When people don’t cooperate with the police, than the police have a right to try to exert control where a situation could become chaotic. But based on everything I’ve seen so far, instead of watching the available video of the incident, along with other reporting, it seems impossible to reach a conclusion other than that this was racially motivated (how else do you explain that the only individuals told to remain still and handcuffed were black, even though there were plenty of white people milling about) and involved an out-of-control cop (just watch the video and see what he does to the girl about half way through). Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt or killed. It still hurts to watch this and realize that this problem just isn’t going away.


On Sunday night, the blacker sides of Tumblr and Twitter began posting upsetting screengrabs from a disturbing video taken from a June 7th pool party in McKinnley, Texas.  The video – taken after a poolside argument between neighbors escalated from a shouting match into a physical fight — depicted a white police officer chasing and berating groups of black teenagers before grabbing a bikini-clad African-American girl, slamming her to the ground, and sitting on top of her.

The images of brutality toward the mostly peaceful crowd of teens would disturb anyone in possession of a working moral compass. But the real punch to the gut was a different video that outlined what sparked the confrontation in the first place:

The video is a testimony from the host of the pool party, 19-year-old Tatiana Rhodes, in which she describes being smacked in the face by a neighbor named Kate. Watching the…

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