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Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Dean Smith coached basketball at the University of North Carolina for 36 years.  It’s suggested that he coached 184 players over that time.  Seems like a small number for that period of time, but then he coached during an era when college basketball players stuck around for four years instead of only one or two.

I don’t know a lot about the man other than that he was incredibly successful as a coach.  During his time, UNC was a perennial contender and he is spoken of reverently by those who knew him and knew of him.  I’m thinking I understand why.  He passed away recently and his will left $200 to every player who lettered for him while he coached.  The letters and check that went to each player included a message that they should enjoy a dinner out courtesy of Dean Smith.

I’m pretty certain that this may very well be the most incredible thing I’ll hear of this year and I can’t even describe why.  It is just a small gesture from a man who as he left this world wanted to let those kids he coached that they mattered to him even after they were gone from his program.  That all of those years later he still thought of them and appreciated every single one of them.  That, right there, is pretty damn incredible.


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