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What Bothers Me Today

Several decades ago, La Bou introduced Sacramento to croissants and scones.  It’s grown into quite a business in the area, with a number of cafes scattered about.  They still serve the pastries and have added sandwiches and salads and soups.  All still served by a local business that has done well.

One of my addictions I struggle with is the craving for a pastry when I get to work.  I don’t have the craving on weekends when I’m home.  Just on weekdays as I drive to work.  There’s a La Bou a block from work and I frequently end up there.  I get a chocolate croissant, a cinnamon nut croissant, or occasionally a muffin or scone.  For the last couple of years, a croissant there has cost $2.05.

Today, I went in after not getting stopping in for a couple of weeks and the price of a chocolate croissant was increased to $2.49.  That’s a 20% increase.  Just like that.  I was stunned.  Who raises their prices 20% in one fell swoop?  And here’s another thing … nowhere on their menu do they actually list the prices for their pastries.  Sure, there are prices for their sandwiches and their coffees and their soups and their salads.  But the pastries.  Not a price anywhere to be found.  It just seems a little odd and the price increase really bothers me.  I don’t begrudge price increases, but that seems kind of unreasonable.

Good news is that it may help cure my morning pastry habit.


4 responses to “What Bothers Me Today

  1. sknicholls March 24, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    Fl;our taxes? My coffee beans I buy by the pound used to be $7.29, suddenly they’re $8.99. They said import taxes. I can remember freaking when plain old Maxwell House went to $3.00 a can. Damn, I’m old.

  2. Bruce Thiesen March 25, 2015 at 5:34 am

    This reminds me of doughnuts in the office. I noticed long ago, and now point out to anyone in the office kitchen who may or may not be interested in my observation, that nobody buys doughnuts and eats them at home. However, a box of doughnuts in the office doesn’t last long. In any office. There’s something about the mood and anxiety-inducing workplace that makes doughnuts irresistible.

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