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I think I’ve learned something over the past couple of weeks.  It is that I can no longer obsess over the things I want to do when I don’t have the time to do them.  I can no longer drive myself crazy over the limitations of my current life because that is a dead-end path.


I can’t write every day.  It’s impossible.  And I can’t get upset about that anymore.

I can’t run every day and I can no longer run as far as I used to.  It’s impossible.  And I can’t get upset about that anymore.


There are many things that I wish I could do that I can’t do because there’s the job and the family and only so many hours in the day and so much energy in my body.

I simply can’t do it all.  But what I can do is find a way to connect with what is me.  With what matters to me.  What resides within my soul.


There are times when that means writing a few hundred words here or there.  And others when it means going for a 3.5 mile run that leaves me feeling refreshed but not so in pain that I am wiped out for days afterwards.

And sometimes it means yoga (because I’ve discovered a great new place for this).  Or it means meditating.  Or breathing.  Sometimes it means just allowing myself to be and nothing else.  It means taking the quiet where I can find it and allowing myself that opportunity.

And more frequently now it will also mean … taking the time to walk.  Among the trees.




One response to “Trees

  1. John Callaghan December 24, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Nicely put. Something about a tree that calms me.

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