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The Reconstruction Continues

According to Running World’s readers, this is the second best running song there is:


The song that came in first was by Eminem and since I simply cannot stand him, I couldn’t go there.  Okay, fine, I should have an open mind.  I just listened to it.  Here it is:


Relevance, you ask.  I think I’m officially a runner again.  After a couple of months of working up to it, I went for a 7.5 mile run yesterday.  I was hoping for 6 miles, but felt good and kept going.  And then … and then … this morning, I went out again, with the idea I would go for a shorter, easier run.  Maybe 3.5 or 4 miles.  6.5 miles later I was done.  I’m slower than I was a few years ago.  Back then, I could run at a 9 minute per mile pace for longer runs and a bit faster for shorter runs.  When I started up a couple of months ago, I was slower than 11 minutes per mile.  Both runs this weekend were closer to 10 minutes per mile.  Which is good.  But it also shouldn’t matter.  I’m trying to kill the internal competitor (maybe it needs to go to the same place as the ol’ internal editor) and be more concerned about time spent running rather than how fast I’m running.  When I accomplish that I will have officially achieved peace.

Anyway, 14 miles of running … no, wait, I don’t run, I jog … this weekend.  And things worked the way they were supposed to.  Nothing more than the usual aches and pains.  Yes, the ol’ groin gets tight and I have weakness in my right leg stretching from my groin to the knee, but it’s not slowing me down and it’s not interfering with things after a run.

My running life is back.  And it feels good.


3 responses to “The Reconstruction Continues

  1. Justine September 28, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    Lol. Pace is my key issue. Hubby wants to go faster than I do!

    • kingmidget September 29, 2014 at 6:32 am

      It’s interesting how that works out. It’s kind of like tennis — very difficult to enjoy playing tennis unless you’re playing with somebody at a comparable skill level. Running is kind of the same way, even though it’s generally not competitive since most people are doing it for the fitness benefits.

      That said, I occasionally go bicycling. My younger son asks me if he can join me on my rides. To which I typically say that I’d love for him to join me but because he doesn’t ride as much he rides slower and can’t go as far as I can. I ask him to show he’s “serious” about it and bicycle some around the neighborhood by himself and then I’ll take him. He never does it. I need to change that approach.

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