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Misha Burnett’s The Worms of Heaven

I don’t do real book reviews, but I’ll tell you about books I like.  A couple of years ago, Misha Burnett published Catskinner’s Book, the first in what I believe was a planned trilogy titled The Book of Lost Doors.  A year later, he published Cannibal Hearts, and now The Worms of Heaven has been published.  You can find all of the books on Amazon here.  I had the pleasure of getting an advance copy of the latest book to provide Misha last minute editing and feedback.

What’s clear is that the story is now more than just a trilogy.  There is more story to come.  Which is a good thing and usually that isn’t.  One of the things I really dislike about some authors is that their stories grow in size and complexity as they gain popularity.  I’m thinking of Harry Potter.  Do you think there would have been seven books, each of a greater length than the last, if it hadn’t gained such popularity?  Same thing with the Eragon series.  Misha still rights these stories in a spare style that pulls the reader along.  As I said to him after I read the advance copy, “A quickly told story that is easy to read and a page-turner.”  There’s no bloat here, no fluff.  There are almost none of those moments where I wanted to skip a page or two to get to where something happens.  There’s always something happening.  It’s just the story.  And it’s a good one.

Misha has a unique ability to create a world that crosses the border between our regular human world and one filled with fascinating creatures that inhabit human bodies.  This is most definitely a form of speculative science fiction that isn’t for everybody.  But, if “speculative science fiction” about a whole cast of different beings that cross and re-cross the line of human endeavors in a compelling way sounds appealing to you, give Misha’s books a try.  He deserves a far bigger audience than the one that has developed to date.  Read his books and tell a friend.  Or two.  Or a hundred.


2 responses to “Misha Burnett’s The Worms of Heaven

  1. sknicholls August 26, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Elmore Leonard wrote: “I leave out the parts people skip.” That’s certainly true with Misha’s books. He’s mastered character development also. And he doesn’t really have to give you a laundry list description of what’s in his mind, it come through to you in his narrative of their behaviors and actions. Good stuff.

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