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While I’m taking a sort of break from blogging and most things technology, there are certain things I do need to do … and that’s promote my favorite self-published authors. Patrick O’Bryon holds a spot at the top of the list. One of the most well-written and produced self-published authors I’ve seen. Here’s the second book in his World War II spy thriller trilogy. Buy the first, then read this one. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed at Patrick’s work — the quality of which all of us independent authors should be aspiring to.

Patrick W. O'Bryon

Beacon front cover jpeg

In the summer of 1941 America edges closer to joining battle against Hitler’s victorious armies in Europe…but a dangerous spy game is already underway.

Reluctant former operative Ryan Lemmon disappears in Nazi-occupied France, a country riddled with corruption and deceit. Ostensibly assigned to the State Department’s Special War Problems Division, Ryan now works for America’s newly centralized intelligence office under William “Wild Bill” Donovan. His official assignment– undermine German intelligence operations across Occupied Europe.

But the first task of independent-minded Ryan Lemmon remains deeply personal–release his friends from a fascist internment camp while there is still hope for their survival.

And what ever goes exactly as planned?

Beacon of Vengeance, the new thriller inspired by my late father’s undercover life in Nazi Europe, is the second volume in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy. It is now available as a trade paperback at online retail outlets, and as an eBook for Kindle and Apple readers on

For ease of ordering, just click on one of the book covers pictured in the…

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