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Car Pool Lanes Are Dangerous

I wrote earlier this week about getting pulled over by a cop for driving legally in a car pool lane.  It doesn’t end there.

This morning I got on the freeway and made my way over to the carpool lane, making the lane changes one at a time, always with my blinker on.  I slid into the lane well ahead of the car behind me.  If I had to guess the car was at least five car-lengths behind me when I entered the lane.  It caught up to me and flashed its headlights at me.  I looked ahead of me and saw that there was a car only a couple of car lengths ahead of me and cars evenly spaced ahead of that car as far as I could see.  I looked to the side and saw that the non-carpool lanes were all moving slower and were packed.  Nowhere for me to change lanes to get out of his way.

So, I didn’t.  I mean, what does he expect, every car to get out of the way so he can get to where he’s in a hurry to go?  If there was a lot of space ahead of me without cars, I might have considered it.  And typically I would have moved over in such a circumstance, but in this case, me moving over wouldn’t have done him a bit of good.

So, I didn’t.

Which, of course, produced the proverbial bird.  Middle finger … oh wait, one more thing … he was driving closer to the inside shoulder than me so he could easily see ahead of me that there were plenty of cars in the lane in front of me.  So, where was I?  Oh yes.  Middle finger extended at me.

Which leads me to this question.  Was he flipping me off because I wouldn’t get out of his way or because he saw that I was a solo driver and he thought I didn’t belong in the car pool lane?  On some level, it doesn’t really matter.  I’m tired of getting flipped off by other motorists … oh wait, one more thing … at the time he did this, we were driving 60 miles per hour.  At 7:30 in the morning.  During rush hour, when he should be grateful he’s moving at all.  So, where was I?  Oh yes.  He flipped me off.  Why?  I’ve decided it was because he didn’t think I belonged in the lane and I was in his way.

So, this week … pulled over by a cop who didn’t know where to look on my car for the decals that indicate I can drive in a car pool lane.  And, flipped off by an ass who didn’t have a clue.  Yep.  I think that pretty much sums it up.

I’m chalking it up to the fact that this is a week that will end with a full moon on a Friday the 13th.  Cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow!


4 responses to “Car Pool Lanes Are Dangerous

  1. ioniamartin June 13, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    You could have given him a full moon in return for his birdie:)

  2. Fatherfigure June 15, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Have you noticed that these disheartening events started happening after you quit drinking beer?

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