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I Am

I am not black, white, yellow or brown

I belong in this place

I am a member of the human race


My politics are not blue, red or green

Equality for all is my case

I am a member of the human race


I am not disabled, stupid, a geek, or “normal”

Look at my face

I am a member of the human race


My beliefs are not Christian, Muslim or Jew

I am full of grace

I am a member of the human race


I am not gay, straight, transgender or a freak

But because love is my base

I am a member of the human race



This poem is written in response to the victims of discrimination, sexism, racism, and all of the other horrors targeted at people for what makes them unique.  Please stop identifying yourself as entitled to rights, entitled to protection, entitled to something because of your skin color, your sexual orientation, your gender, or your faith.  Instead, remove the label and demand those things because you are nothing other than a member of the human race.  It is not your color that matters.  It is not your politics that define you.  It is not your faith that identifies you.  You are a human.  Beginning, middle and end.

The outpouring about the Santa Barbara shooter’s misogynistic views (which, by the way, turns out he pretty much hated everybody, not just women) and how we all — generally meaning men — must stop … oh, hell, I’m not sure what it is we’re supposed to stop doing.  All I know is that there is this outcry about how we must do more to protect women, that men must stop being so … much like men.  All things that I completely agree with.  But…

OK, I’m not doing this very well.  Let me try it this way.  A friend tweeted that she was appreciating the opportunity to talk to her daughter and sons about how they should all take seriously the need to protect women.  I responded to her tweet that I thought it more important to teach our kids to protect all humans.

What’s my point … it’s probably obvious by now, but let’s please just stop focusing on the labels.  It is horrible when any human being is shot and killed in cold blood.  It shouldn’t be more serious if it is a hate-filled young man who “hates” women.  It is horrible when a human being is deprived of a core human right.  It shouldn’t be more serious because of their gender or their race or some other irrelevant characteristic.

So, please, if you are hurt by unfairness, discrimination, hate or intolerance.  Stand up and say “I am a human being and I have rights.”  Leave the labels behind.


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